Animal Adventure Park Live and Update on April, Tajiri, Oliver the Giraffe

Animal Adventure Park Live and Update on April, Tajiri, Oliver the Giraffe

Good morning everyone

April the Giraffe and Tajiri Outside, Meet Allysa and Jordan at AAP

TAJIRI, April and Oliver the Giraffe Best Photos on August 16th

Supporters react:

Renee M. Thompson I just finished watching this video and as always it was fantastic. I HAVE to add that as a YOUNG man Jordan, you need to take care of your joints. They will turn on you. Please, can't you sit on a chair or a rock or something? I spend more time thinking about your aching knees and so I don't pay attention. Then I have to go through it all again when I watch it a second time to get what I missed the first.😳Jordan, you are the best. Thanks for everything.

Anne Thibeault Platt When we visited in July, we experienced a beautiful park with its wonderful and educational animals and knowledgeable staff. We wanted to tell you about your very polite yaks. We went to the back fence at the yak yard. The 3 yaks saw us there and walked all the way over to greet us, and then took turns acceptiing feed. The first one took some and moved out of the way for the second who did the same for the third. I think they would love to appear on Jordan's Animal Adventures, but understand if they need to wait their turn since they are so polite.

Carol Deneen Metcalf Jordan, I think u need to bring in a bucket to sit on while you are talking about the animals. I know you are suffering with your knees while you are talking, I know mine would be screaming long before yours are and then I wouldn't be able to get up. Thanks for your "Noon" Adventure talk, see you next time!!!

Cynthia Peters Great job Jordan on another informative yet funny video! Always look forward to these Tuesday and Thursday videos to learn about animals I don't know much about! Thank you AAP and Jordan!

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