Animal Adventure Park Live Cam on August 17

Animal Adventure Park Live Cam of April the Giraffe

An amazing and inspiring day at the park as we raise funds for 5 special little "heroes" fighting their medical battles!

Ava's Little Heroes event goes till 3 pm

Supporters react:

Aggie Johnson Foust To all those reading this. Please post the Ava's little heroes go fund me link to your social media accounts. Let's get 25K for these beautiful children and to show Jordan and Colleen how much we appreciate everything that they do to show the world how to pay it forward with class and dignity.

Jeanne Stroncer Rocca We went to AAP on Friday! We had the best time! All zookeepers and employees were wonderful! They were so friendly! You could tell they love their jobs!! They answered all of our questions and all of my 4 yr old twins questions so nicely. Keep up the good work AAP! Hope to make the 5 hr trek from NH again!

Nolan Val All quilters see our patterns we use on little Taj — Hearts on neck and body and Grandmothers Flower Garden on his hip. Any quilter out here will see them too as we visualize quilting patterns in everything we look at Awwwww Taj you're our dream come true for a quilter

Brenda Rising I certainly wish I could participate in this as do many other Animal Adventure Park fans! But….we know it will be well attended and a lot is being raised through Go Fund Me for all of Ava's Little Heros that you will help!! Have a super day and God Bless the little children who you well help as well as the ones that you can't reach out to!

Lori Adams-Drake Wow – he's going to be a quite the handsome male… I'm glad to see him looking well fed and feisty! April knew what she was doing when she shoved him away from nursing. Left to his own devices he'd be waddling 


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