Live Cam and Animal Adventures with Jordan: The Laughing Kookaburra

Animal Adventure Park Live Cam April the Giraffe

Animal Adventures with Jordan: The Laughing Kookaburra

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Supporters react:
Dolly Castle Thanks Jordan….now you've got me singing the Kookaburra song in my head!  How are Jordan and Patch, have you heard how they are doing since their birth at the NY State Fair

Michelle Reed : That was a great lesson.  Jordan you did very well explaining and it was awesome to see Barbie demonstrate all you were teaching.

Cassie OBrien: I look forward to our learning sessions every week.  Jordan's voice is so soothing.  I learn so much from these lessons.  I'll miss them when AAP's fall season comes.

Pia Little: Best sound in the world! And I get to hear it from my front yard most days when the weather is good! Our Aussie animals are the best!

Marilyn Ghany: So enjoy listening to Jordan. I learn so much from him. Thanks Jordan and all the wonderful folks at AAP


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