Animal Adventure Park Elf Arty Day 20

Day 20, starting out on a limb,
Which parrot to choose, done on a whim.

Sunshine, a new parrot, the one he would do,
Not knowing the likes, of this Triton Cockatoo!

Flap of the wing, down Arty went, 
Questioning the intentions Sunshine meant.

animal adventure park harpursville ny 13787 us

Animal Adventure Park Arty

A dangling elf, caught by the nails,
Losing interest in "blame game" details!

"Hey bird, I'm sure, we can see eye to eye,
I don't have wings, and, well — you can fly!"

"Perhaps we call, this one a truce,
Please pull me up, then cut me loose!"

Sunshine, avoiding the naughty list, 
Will surely oblige, a lift up to assist.

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