April the Giraffe Live Feed on Oct 10th

April the Giraffe Live Feed

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It's Tuesday! This means there is an all new episode on Animal Adventures with Jordan. Today Jordan is featuring the Tibetan Yak!

Supporters react:

Lynda Claxton Tuzinski Where else would we learn so much about so many types of animals? You make them all so interesting! Thanks for the education.

Allison Taylor Very interesting session! These yaks are so gorgeous. I love their tails, especially the female's light coloured one! Nice to know their pooh is odorless, too! Thanks, Jordan!

Katie Alley-Madore We were there yesterday while you were in with the yaks! So amazing!! Thank you for all you do and what a wonderful park you have!

Gwen Mahar We were there for this in person! So happy to finally make it! Thanks for answering all our questions.

Vicki Stockton Jordan and staff. Thank you for making my Tuesday and Thursday happy. I look forward to see what animal I am going to learn about.

Carol Keen Jordan thank you for sharing and showing your loving animals! God bless! I'm from Marion Indiana watching Grant county

Nora Bean Thank you for the information again matey we love this you and your animals are stars and we love you all big time xxx

Patti Hall Beautiful animals..thank you Jordan for educating us about the animals. I look forward to this each week.



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