Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Live Cam Today

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

On best behavior our critters will be,
Our Elf of the Shelf will certainly see!

The animals to watch, by the one or in lots,
Lands Arty the Elf in quite peculiar spots!

Avoid kick, trample, charge, scratch and bite?
Lessons learned in the past, Arty just might!

Again, Santa reminds him, he has nothing to fear,
The Park welcomes back Arty for his fifth year!

Join us tomorrow, for a special "Day One"
When Arty begins his Animal Adventure fun!

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Supporters reacted:

Pam Rosenberg The our bear thought he was going to have a tasty morsel this morning? One of my stops this morning a first grader says to me: Pam!!! Pam!! The elf tried to steal my toothbrush this morning!!!!! But I got it away from him. Got to love the innocence of childhood. Merry Christmas

Chris McMaster Thank You for sharing ‘ love  Christmas time and seeing the Animals fur babies,your so awesome; it’s 7:am and 33’ here in Eastern Washington a little foggy ! Good Morning to you all.

Marlene G. Wilkie a very merry Christmas to you and all the animals at the Park Love seeing all these photos of the animals during the winter!

Kathy Cousineau Schoonveld AAP and staff are the best always has our best interests in mind!!! Thank you for all you do for the animals and you have brought so much joy and happiness to people who were not so happy thank you for that!!! The love of people on your page and other April,Oliver, & Tajiri fan pages have the most loving people on them!!! Thank you for bringing our world together again!!! Love the Elf on a shelf!!

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