Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam Nov 26th

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam Nov 26th


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Patti Newsome Puckett My brother suffered from epilepsy since he was 15. On the 30th of December of 2016, at the age of 63, doctors removed a thumb sized section of his brain in the pre parietal portion of his brain on the right side of his head, similar to the incision Ava had. Although he is still required to take 1 pill a day, he is seizure free for the first time in 47 years. He was hospitalized for 5 days. It is a miracle for our family.

Linda VanScoy Ava has been in my prayers and will continue to be. I did have a funny thought one day – Ava in school and a teacher who didn’t know her ask her to name her pets. Forty-five minutes later Ava says “ and then there are the marsupials……”. She is going to be fine.

Pamala Reves Drake Beautiful story, beautiful family and a true testament of the power of faith. Love you guys. I was one of those who followed April’s life for 2 months, day and night. I learned sooo much. Thank you.

Heidi Forney Such a gift and a blessing. Only God knows our children's future… May Ava continue to surprise and inspire and fill you with joy! My son (see my profile photo) was given less than 10% chance to be born alive. He will be 21 years old in January… having gone through 54 surgeries so far. Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours 

Anne-marie Baggstrom How amazing is this. I watched April with my kids for 2 months and it was amazing, I learnt so much being in Australia I can only look at photos and read the blogs and comments about your journey, little ava is one amazing kid and will grow to be an extraordinary little lady and now a big sister to boot, I really hope to visit your animal park and see for myself the wonderful safe heaven that you have built, thank you for everything, your team is amazing and you should be so proud once again thank you so much

Red Williams I'm still amazed that a giraffe named April brought together so many people from all over the world the awareness of the beautiful creatures but also Ava"s story. I pray for her continue progress and congratulations on your your future baby as well

Nena Russell Akers God is so good! I will continue praying for Ava, Colleen, and you Jordan! While dealing with such difficult circumstances, you brought a lot of anticipation and joy to so many through the park! Thank you for having such a huge vision and giving heart! I would dare say that many people around the world will continue to pray for your family and that the park will continue to prosper as you share about all these animals and about the act of giving back to others. Thank you and Merry Christmas

Melissa Wilferd Songer I watched the live feed of April for weeks & was lucky enough to tune in shorty before she gave birth. I knew that Ava was having medical issues, but I did not know the extent if them. My prayers go out to Ava & your family. The work you do is priceless. Sometimes it takes the vision of an ordinary human to do extraordinary things! God Bless!

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam Nov 26th

Jordan, Collen and Ava Patch

Natalie Kolodij Wassmer Totally awesome about Ava. CHOP is a hospital of miracles. Been going there for 14 years with my granddaughter for a heart defect. So happy to hear about the upcoming baby. Congratulations and best wishes to you all. PS can’t wait to find out if April will be a Mama again. 

Michele Vining Such an awesome story of success, determination, and triumph for The Patch family. Ava has a lot going for her in caring loving parents, Jordan and Colleen. Your success story of family and Animal Adventure Park is one that alot of people will never forget and cherish for a long time to come. Thank You Jordan Patch and Colleen for sharing your story, your daughter, and Animal Adventure Park to bring alot of people together. Kindness and love always 

Elizabeth Cataline Fisher Just read the article and am wiping away tears, such a great story and such good news for Ava, Colleen, and Jordan. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of a 2nd daughter. I visited the park this summer and was so impressed with the entire park, the staff and of course the animals, such a great place to visit and I plan to visit again.

Denise Schroeder So glad Ava is doing better your family deserves happiness after all that is what you and your giraffes and other animals have given us I visited in July it was amazing God bless all of you

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