Animal Adventures with Jordan: African Warthog

Animal Adventure Park Fall Hours with Jordan: African Warthog

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Supporters react:

Cathleen Bonica Loved these twice a week segments , Thanks so much ! We visited in July and will definitely return next season to see everyone again ! Congrats on a successful season!

Susan James Thank you Jordan and you will be so missed.

Allison Taylor Babe loves the limelight! She knelt to demonstrate that ability, stood before Jordan to show the warts, etc. 
In fact she showed how safe she feels with Jordan….NO surprise! 
Interesting animal. Thanks for the lesson!

Tammy Woodcock I'm going to miss these video's. I love the warthogs!

Linda Engh Just came up on my Facebook….cant wait to get to a quiet spot to watch with sound. Jordan has another friend!! HOW DOES HE FIND TIME TO PET THEM ALL!

Sue Hawkes Thank you again Jordan…you are an encyclopadia on all animals Very informative have learnt lots..Enjoy your
break and will keep tuned in..Much respect for all you and your staff do…Best wishes from the UK

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