April the Giraffe- Evening Update March 13

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13th March Evening Update

Animal Adventure Park Facebook – This morning update March 13,April is looking larger than ever and what`s abtou in the eveing? Are you on the edge of your seat? Afternoon and evening keeper and vet checks continue to indicate significant changes in April. Her back end has become significantly larger and relaxed, motion and pulsing in this area has been noted, and discharge has been observed. Animal Adventure Park Facebook , ladies and gentlemen – we are close. We are still not confirming active labor, but will state all physical signs are headed in the right direction.

The youtube feed will remain online through the process, Facebook LIVE will also provide updates. A professional crew will be onsite to document the birth also.

Animal Adventure Park Facebook again, be patient, she has fooled us before. We can simply suggest staying tuned into the feed, subscribing to the youtube channel, and also our FB notifications. We will do everything in our power to keep you posted.

Staff will remain onsite this evening to stay with April and also begin mitigating snow levels as they begin to pile early tomorrow morning. Stay safe, stay warm, and bring your animals inside.

Approx 12:45 pm EST today staff began noting and documenting significant changes.The vet was called and has been on site since. Another visit will be made in a few hours.Staff is taking precautions, with many members remaining onsite this evening through the blizzard.Rest assured, we will keep the world posted on any further developments.We cannot confirm active labor at this time.

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