Morning Update on April the Giraffe 9/18

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Good morning Everyone

Looking for fun today? We've got your back!

Meet and feed these partners in crime – along with over 150 of their animal friends!

Fall Hours 
Friday – Sunday 10 am – 5 pm
Open Columbus day
Season ends Oct 22nd end of day

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Lucille Arbisi Barthelman What a cute pic!!! I just love seeing all your animals! I live in Rockford, I'll. and have followed April and Oliver and Taj forever! Your photos are uplifting to me and everyone!! Thank you

Gail Turner I saw these two the other day definitely got quite the chuckle!!! love love love your park! glad i was able to see everyone again and cant wait to see all that the future holds

Wendy Midgett That's what family is all about, helping each other out. I just love your zoo,wondering if I should make the 9 hour trip again before you close. Thanks AAP for your love of animals and the education you have taught to everyone. If I don't make it again this year I will see you again next.

Susan Marie They're letting people know that home is where the heart is and they have an excellent one with Animal Adventure Park! They are happy, well cared for and just living the life! Thank you for the great job you do.

Kris Bush Your goats and tortoises are so funny. I think the tortoise is helping the goat come up with an escape plan. I would keep my eye on those two

Leslie Phillips Omg had a great idea. When I go back out to New York come with me and we can go. This is the zoo where April the giraffe is

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Supporters react:

Mary Wrecza You have to pick me up I am in Wisconsin and am elderly and disabled . All your babies melt my heart I don't care if they are newborns or 15 I love them so much you have brightened many bad days and I thank you for this !

Sandy Wilson I was wondering if you ever thought of making a calendar of April,Taj and Olive and all other animals …it would be awesome

Lisa Strahota We made it from WI yesterday. Simply amazing park!!! Loved it all!!! My husband got lost in feeding who ever he could grapes!! Lol!! So glad we came!

Cathie Jackson Dennett Those of us that are vertically challenged are always looking for creative ways to reach that which is just beyond ….. I guess that goes for 4-leggeds, too. So cute…

Ginny Gilkinson We were there yesterday afternoon when the tortoises were napping in the sun. From a distance, the enclosure looked like there were grey boulders scattered about. And then slowly, they started to move. What fun.

Carol Edwards Love it! LOL. We went to see April, Oliver and Taj in July but after watching all the Animal Adventures with Jordan episodes I'm in love with all the animals. Wish we lived closer, we'd have to have season passes!

Thresa Legg Animal Adventure Park, I hope you see this and reply. I was just wondering how Carter the baby bison is doing and the current situation with Cash and June?

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