Animal Adventure Park Elf Arty Day 2 and 3

Animal Adventure Park Elf Arty

Day 2, our Elf Arty is in quite a mess,
An unpredictable spot, We must confess!

Young Bactrians Camels, a sweet hairy pair,
Can be just as naughty as yesterday’s Bear!

First a top Gobi’s comfortable hump,
Now being chewed to a red elvin stump!

animal adventure park elf arty

Animal Adventure Park Elf Arty

A jump and a shake, He is in big trouble,
The lips and the teeth are chomping in double!

Perhaps Day 3, Arty will catch a break,
In the comforting squeeze of a constricting snake!

Day 3, a battered elf, in need of a hug,
In the coils of a friend, all warm and snug!

After swatting bears, and camels that bite,
The squeeze of a python feels just right.

Tucked away in the barns, a room kept extra warm, 
Full of cold blooded critters, a reptilian dorm!

The perfect spot for an Arty retreat, 
To warm his bones, and rest his feet.

Tomorrow, its back into the herds,
Or perhaps he'll ease in and visit the birds!

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Supporters reacted  to Animal Adventure Park Elf Arty:

Cindy Crossno Jordan, you are a marketing genius! The success you have created for AAP this year is priceless. And to think it all started with a simple webcam. Count me in as a fan of AAP for life. Excited for new animal adventures in 2018.

Betty Burrmann My grandsons told me you take away his magic and ability to fly if he is touched. I accidentally touched theirs and to give him back his magic I had to say a prayer for him or put cinnamon by him. Like all good Grannies I did.

Tanya Chernish James Fantastic. Finding April and the AAP family has been so healing for me. My son passed away just over 2 years ago. I rarely smiled until I started watching the cam and now I smile and laugh too! Thank you! Can't wait to see you all in June.

Terri Hilbert Bravo! To the poet who is creating such joy and laughter..and to think we are inly 2 days in! Cant wait for tomorrows elf adventure!

Susan De Pilarez Jordan and ADMIN thank you for creating these fun antics with Elf. I'm enjoying all of your Animals at your Animals Adventures Park that are participating during this Christmas Holiday  I look forward seeing what Elfs next animal adventure will be. Have a Blessed day Your animals are beautiful

Karen Hanson Lindell Jordan and Team. What an amazing job you have done. Thank you for sharing all the serious, laughable and educational moments with us.

Susan Marie Oh no, not Gobi the Bactrian camel! He has two toes, 3 eyelids and spits! Giant teeth and two humps, he's such a big mammal! I put on my AAP pullover and was such a hit! He thought I was Youtube putting up the sign 12-06! Congratulations to all as I run from being bit!

Deb Oelrich Thank you, AAP, for sharing this fun with us! My hope is to make it to the park in person one day! But, until then I love being able to be part of the adventure via the tech world! Thank you for all you do!

Virginia Denner Thank you AAP FOR SHARING THIS EXTRAORDINARY adventure with all of us. It has been a fun and exciting time. Wishing you the best Christmas ever and on to an amazing new year

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