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Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

With New Life we must also accept death.

With heavy hearts we must say goodbye to Maxx the Camel.

At 8:40 am Africa Stock keepers, Lucas and Corey, found Maxx in his usual spot, but he did not wake up this morning. Both Dr Tim and our Federal inspectors were on site last week with no concerns for him. Guests yesterday enjoyed feeding him his carrot treats.

Many know that Maxx was our first animal brought to the property, before Animal Adventure was truly considered. The relationship between Maxx and Jordan developed years prior (almost a decade) before he came to reside on Martin Hill Rd.

Keepers and staff are devastated by this loss and ask that you keep them in your thoughts during this saddening time.

Gone but never to be forgotten. 
"Hey Maxx!" now a "Good bye Maxx."

aap special report rip maxx Maxx

Fans react:

Jessica Krom Awww Maxx has been out favorite from day 1, we have so many pictures of him some just a couple weeks ago, so sorry Jordan and staff .

Colleen Hoitela Max did his job, loved his life and loved you all. Don't be sad, he will always be in your heart and thoughts.

Ann Smith I am truly sadden to here about Maxx…I'm glad he had a place where he could live with the love,care, devotion that all of the AAP Staff provided for him. He will always be remembered.

Rene Wainwright My heart is breaking and tears are flowing. I am so sorry for your loss. Maxx had a great life and was loved by many. He will always remain in your heart and ours. Now he is healed and will be waiting for you. God Speed Maxx.

Diane Davi I am so, so very sorry to hear of your heartbreaking loss. Although not in person I'm so happy I got to meet him during your live event. He was a gracious giant and so sweet. Jordan, my heart goes out to you. You all are in my thoughts and my prayers. Rest in peace beloved Maxx!! xoxo

Mary Hynd Schrock Dear people at Animal Adventure…Sorry for your loss. We were there in June and saw firsthand the love you have for your animals. They are like family, so we can only imagine that this is heart-breaking.

Donna Szewczyk Speechless with tears in my eyes. Heartfelt condolences to Jordan, Corey & Lucas and staff. Knew what he meant to you all and I was looking forward to meeting him at AAP. Now that will have to wait till we meet in heaven. Healing prayers to you all. And, Maxx, you leave knowing that YOU were the start of what is today. You had a wonderful life with lots of love and care. RIP (Need a tissue now). xoxo

Lori Tietsworth Oh so sad, brought tears to my eyes!! I knew Max before he even came to Animal Adventure, he was so much smaller then…. I swear the very first time I came to Animal Adventure and called out Max, he recognized me and came right up to us. So very sad

But, as you said, 'tis the circle of life. I KNOW that you all gave Max the best care, he was taken care of above and beyond all that was required, and he was very, very, very happy there. Big hugs to you all.

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Deborah D. Smith Wilson Jordan and all those at AAP. I am so sorry for your loss of MAXX. I'm sure he brought you enjoyment over the years with lots of memories. My prayers to all of you. Do you have a picture of him that can be displayed at the park.

Linda Simmons I'm so sorry that Maxx passed away. I'm so sad for the park. But I know one thing for sure, he was loved and cared for.. He will always be with AAP and in the hearts of those who cared for them. God Bless You.

Jaci Gass So sorry jordan and staff for the loss of your buddy Maxx! Our animals are like our family and I know you all were close. All of us who are so greatful for you wish we could take the pain away and know this day will be hard for you all. Make him a plaque and put up photos of him to keep his memory alive. ..he was a part of your beginning and should be remembered always! 
We have a trip planned and am sorry we will have missed the chance to meet him
God Bless you all!

Debbie Vealey Dinger This is truly sad. I'm sure Jordan and staff are not aware of it but when I was there on the 28_th o witnessed a little girl feeding the little goats tiny rocks, and it swallowed them. I told the little girl not to do that. She even gave it a big rock in which the goat spit that one out. The parents were paying no mind to what she was doing, they then walked away. sad really. Watch your kids please.

Stacy Roberts Oh my heart!!!! Oh so broken is my heart!!! MAXX was so wonderful and look what he lead us to!! RIP sweet Maxx. Many prayers for all at AAP who knew loved and cared for him!

Nancy Joseph This surely sad, sad news. Max was loved by all and a beautiful animal. I love and collect camels so this heart breaking for me also. Thank you for all the good care and love you gave Max. Apparently he died peacefully and for that you can be thankful. God bless Max and God bless the staff.

Joyce Krebs How very, very sad. Rest in peace Maxx. I was so looking forward to meeting the original "camel" who was very instrumental in kicking off Jordan's dream of starting the Animal Adventure Park in the first place! In a recent Animal Adventure Park video that Jordan did where Maxx was featured, I came to realize that Maxx was quite up there in years. Thoughts and prayers are with the entire Animal Adventure Park Family on the loss of such a significant "family member." Especially to Jordan and his wife, who I am sure have lost a "long time friend."

Sunshine Moonbeam Oh my goodness, I know your hearts must be broken into tiny little pieces. Our hugs and prayers to all of you at Animal Adventure Park. Maxx was lucky to have you in his life for so many years, but I know that can't help ease your pains very much….Our love and prayers are with you all 

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