Animal Adventure Park Big Announcement: Giraffe Cam Hours Announcement

Animal Adventure Park Big Announcement

To provide our viewers more day light and to watch our team work; giraffe cams with be LIVE 9 am – 1 pm eastern, Sunday – Friday!

Giraffe Cam Hours Announcement Tajiri the Giraffe

Supporters react:

 Susan Marie Please remember that as the season comes to an end, Jordan will need our continual support of the conservation of animals, Ava's little Hereo's and the park. He has provided us with a wonderful adventure this year. His staff is amazing and it's so important for this park to continue to grow.

It will allow Jordan to accept more rescues and preserve the animals he has. Please remember to continue your donations throughout the year. To the staff of the Animal Adventure Park, we love and respect what you do, how you do it and who you are!

Thank you to Jordan, Colleen, Ava and everyone there for the amazing job you do every day! It's backbreaking, weather challenging, but rewarding at the same time. We love the great attitudes, the waves to the camera and the knowledge you instill in all of us. Thank you never seems enough….. Have a great day!

Rhea Halloran Love seeing your routines …again, showing us the love and care you have for your animals! What a wonderful group you are

Martha Kransler My granddaughter hustles to get her homework done so she can watch the giraffes around 4pm. Oh no, does this mean we won't be able to see them after school?

Laurie Kent Cool ty for the update for live cam taj is getting so big just want to say hi all have a great week and a safe one

Sharon McGuire Breakfast with April !!! I love the new cam hours to peacefully watch our beloved giraffe family while sipping my morning tea. Cheers !! and thank you!


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