Animal Adventure Park Arty Day 7 & 8

Animal Adventure Park Arty Day

Day 7, Arty joins the pack, 
But outside the fence to avoid attack!

Seasonal coats of our Arctic Canine,
The whites and greys – Top of the Line!

Their toothy grin not to cause any fright,
Behind them, tails wagging, in utter delight!

Odin and Luna, affectionately known, 
Have no taste for elves, they prefer gnomes!

This assignment tonight will end with a howl, 
The signal "all clear", no harm no foul.

Today the arctic, the next, a wonder,
Perhaps polar opposites, a trip Down Under!

animal adventure park arty day

Animal Adventure Park Elf  Arty 

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By the feet, Arty takes Day 8,
Hello, Good Morning, and G'Day Mate!

Today's exhibit – the Red Kangaroo,
Every member nicknamed in this Aussie crew!

The Sheilas are flyers, a baby a joey,
Blokes are Boomers, their red color more showy!

Arty sees three of our long footed friends,
But the actual number, entirely depends….

One in the Hopper? Or should we say pouch?
Hidden, so well, by mother's slight crouch.

By six months of age, Joeys move all about, 
There's a baby in there! Arty left with no doubt!

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