Offical Animal Adventure Park Elf Arty Day 6

Animal Adventure Park Arty Book

Day 6, is spent with mischievous schemers,
Our curious troop of ring tailed lemurs!

Jump and spring, swing and bounce,
One you may see, but the next waits to pounce!

Distractions may come, hold on to your hat,
Arty, not to be fooled, this is lemur combat!

Lady of the troop, you can call her Sarge,
A Matriarch society, the girls are in charge!

She keeps her gentleman servants in line, 
Thwarting their advances with dismissive decline.

animal adventure park arty book

Animal Adventure Park Elf Arty 

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Fans reacted:

Anita Hegarty Arty is hiding behind the log, the lemur he is hoping to dodge,Sarge in charge with a look in her eyes , be quick Arty I hope you can fly

Dianna McGuriman Keen LOVE these. Poetry: another of Jordan's talents! Great idea Lauri Littlefield Degen had to make these into a book. It would be a "bestseller"!

Sue Goulding So arty your sat amongst the Lemurs, they are beautiful little things with lovely big eyes and rings on their tails and and ready to give you a little surprise. Thank you Jordan for all you do you really are a star, this comes with hugs from a fan from afar, your family and staff all make us smile your park is the best by a mile xxx

Julie Hoag I am totally been in love with Artys antics as he makes his way though all the animals. Love how the poems are a learning experience to. I would buy a book if one was made

Kay Clemons Me to Bobbi Davis. AAP Is the best and I can't start my day without seeing what they have posted and most nights I close with watching the G Family Love you guy's so much Merry Christmas to the Patch Family and all the staff!

Cathy Smith Incredible photos and awesome poetry. I agree, this Christmas countdown should really be published into a book. Jordan and team, you have done an outstanding job!

Kayla Rustan These posts make my day, the photos and little poems are just great, these should really be made into a little book, I'd buy one for every year

Karen Hanson Lindell I cant wait until this becomes a book. Love these everyday occurrence happenings. Elf is wonderful mingling with all our other friends

Nancy McCullough Not sure Jordan how you think of all these, but they are great! Merry Christmas to you human and animal family

Peggy Marentette Love the lemurs. When to the lemur exhibit at Duke University this summer. Amazing creatures!

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