April the Giraffe Live Cam Today 11/5

Animal adventure park april cam

Dads are awesome , get it if you like : Here

Animal Adventure Park April Cam – November 2017 Giraffe Cam Hours Enjoy your favorite Giraffe Family 7 Days a Week! With our daylight hours shrinking, we want to provide you as much Giraffe Cam time as we can. Set Hours will be 8 am – 2 pm; however – we may just keep the camera rolling!

Animal Adventure Park

You asked – We listened!

Animal Adventure main property parking is now fully paved and the new welcome center and gift shop completely accessible.

Just another step forward in our “Access for Everyone” mission.

Many great gift options for YOUR list or for that special giraffe fan in your life

Some items are limited, back-orders will ship quickly…Enjoy!

Proceeds support Animal Adventure Park and our mission during a very long "off season". Thank you!

Supporters reacted to Animal Adventure Park April Cam

Tonya Shaw Canerot Christmas gifts for my little daughter

Diane Schweinhagen Love the new giraffe items

Debra Oros Lozano Yeah in time for Christmas!

Ginny Lemen Animal Adventure Park, Mr. Patch you continue to go above and beyond making us all happy and content with all you do. You continue to create new things to share with us, open new adventures and taking care of your precious daughter at the same time. You my friend are a true inspiration and hero in my book. Please take some time for you as to not burn out on us. Continued success in what you and the entire staff are doing.

Shiela Walker You have grown so much in the last 5 years!! Proud to have you as "neighbors" (I live 15 miles away) and know you will continue to provide education and awareness for many years to come. Keep up the great work!!


Christmas is coming, many got it: Here

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