Morning Update Animal Adventure Park April Baby

We welcome guests today for our last hours of the regular season!

Daytime Trick or Treat from 10 am – 3 pm
Park closes 5 pm

Pictured is Elu or "lu lu" our cougar. Captured yesterday by a guest of Flashlight Safari!

April the Giraffe Store

Ohhhh Deer! 
The last Saturday of the regular season!

Open 10 am – 5 pm

Gates reopen 6 pm-8pm for Flashlight Safari Trick or Treat!

Sika, Muntjac & Reindeer

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Supporters react: 

Rosemary Loveland Thank you Jordan and AAP staff for all the hard work and dedication you have for your animals. Jordan plesae don't let the comments from Peta deter you on what u have accomplished just this past year. With a little help from April we have all learned so much about not only giraffe conservation but about all the other animals. Keep up the great work!

Ann Harriet Cole Please post new pics of happenings at AAP while you are closed for winter recess. Babies may be born, buildings walkways and landscaping might be upgraded. The loyal fans of AAP would appreciate photos every now and then. Hopefully, next year my family will be able to visit, especially to see the ever-growing Taj. I'm also partial to the hyenas. Thanks for sharing your lives with so many of us.

Caroline King Thank you Jordan for a wonderful time via the g cam and your Tuesday and Thursday videos… and Animal Adventures with Jordan has taught us so much about your animals, and who of course couldn't love our baby Taj, who has grown up right before our eyes…… see ya next season…

Barbara Lucido Sad the season is endingbut it was a great year for them, im sad i never got there, maybe next year…….I hopevthey eill leave the camera going so we can watch the giraffe family over the winter, that would be awesome……..hoping you all gave a great and safe winter….

Debbi Odell Sebris I enjoyed your park so much when I came down in September. I come down twice a year from Ontario, Canada to visit with my family and I got my 2 sisters to bring me to your Park so I could see all the animals and even April, Oliver and Taj….that was such a treat and hopefully I can do it again on my next visit down next year. Thank you to you and your staff. Everyone is so friendly 

Prunella Fiddian-Green Thank you Jordan and all the AAP family for sharing your journey wth us as generously on FB and in person for those who visited. Above all for your life giving work to the beautiful creatures great and small under your great care. Wishing you a wonderful winter season and will be waiting for the Spring to see how our beautiful Tajri has grown, April and Oliver are faring, and all of you and your family and staff. Truly your family and other animals – with love

Theresa C Walters Beers Thank you for showing us all the world of animals. Bringing the world together and giving us hope and a getaway from all the madness. I cried when Taj was born and I cried apon arrival to the park. I fed April and touched Tajs nose and plan on coming back. Please keep the next chapters continuing and do not let the negative people take away the goodness you have done and are doing. Please let us continue the journey and learning. May Ava continue to grow and flourish and prayers continue for your sweet little girl. You started a great thing…and we hope to continue to learn and help the AAP family to spread the word. See you again next year! We love you all!

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