Animal Adventure Park Alpaca Update and Report Today

Animal Adventure Park Alpaca

Don't get lost in the crowd today! 

We expect a very busy day; we have parking in our main lot and also our new lots on Pease Rd. 

The Pease Rd lot is a 1 minute walk to the park, down the mowed footpath. 

animal adventure park alpacaBabies  Alpaca

"Alpaca-Jam" captured by a guest – 5 alpaca in this photo!

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Supporters react:

Bess Cunningham I was there yesterday. Thank You all for a memorable experience. The staff was amazing. We got to see April, Oliver and Taj together and it was joyous! Alyssa took a picture with me, she is smart and beautiful! Wonderful day!

Dee Heckler Certainly looks like a wooly game of Twister. Animals really are beautiful and entertaining. AAP, April, Oliver, and Taj brought that to the forefront. Thank you.

Kayla Rustan That's definitely a jam… at least it's a lot cuter and enjoyable than a traffic jam! It kind of looks like the aftermath of an intense game of twister…

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Rosie Senador They are so cute. Too bad you're so far away, would loved to have spent my birthday there today. Have a wonderful day.

Lynn Graznak Hunnies, I think you're supposed to take the wool OFF of the alpacas before you weave it…

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