Millions of Fans Say Condolences To Animal Adventure Park`s Maxx

With New Life we must also accept death.

With heavy hearts we must say goodbye to Maxx the Camel.

At 8:40 am Africa Stock keepers, Lucas and Corey, found Maxx in his usual spot, but he did not wake up this morning. Both Dr Tim and our Federal inspectors were on site last week with no concerns for him. Guests yesterday enjoyed feeding him his carrot treats.

Many know that Maxx was our first animal brought to the property, before Animal Adventure was truly considered. The relationship between Maxx and Jordan developed years prior (almost a decade) before he came to reside on Martin Hill Rd.

Keepers and staff are devastated by this loss and ask that you keep them in your thoughts during this saddening time.

Gone but never to be forgotten. 
"Hey Maxx!" now a "Good bye Maxx."

April`s Fans Say Goodbye To Max :

Animal Adventure Max


Brenda Rising He was your beginning but never your end…. the park will always be his resting place. Perhaps you can name something after him there and put up a memorial since he was there even before the beginning of your wonderful park. Feeling bad for Jordan and the caretakers at Animal Adventure Park, this is never easy. God speed Maxx.

Lolly Kilber My heart goes out to all of you, but thank you for giving him the absolute bestest life a camel could ever imagine… because of you, I'm sure he passed peacefully with a heart so full of love. Maxx watched & helped AAP grow to what it is today… and apparently he saw that his job was done and that Jordan & the rest of the fam could take it from here. Safe journey across the Rainbow Bridge Maxx ~ you were loved & will be missed

Holly Nasinec Hane Oh my goodness, I am absolutely heartbroken for you 🙁 Big Maxx was there from the very beginning, to see your vision come to fruition. Perhaps he new, that you , Jordan and the rest of your crew, were ready to handle this on your own… Perhaps God needed him now for a special Mission at The Bridge… As you all mourn the loss of your very special fella, know that there are literally thousands if not millions of people round the world holding you tight in their hearts and morning with you. Rest in Peace , Big Maxx..

Suzanne Gatewood I am so very sorry to hear that, it was just a little while ago Jordan featured Big Maxx in one of his segments. I enjoyed that so much. All of you and Jordan in particular must be very sad. I know he was 17 but your never ever ready to give them up. Don't be sad Jordan because I believe they will be with us in heaven. Big Maxx is already enjoying his happiest of days. You will meet again! RIP Big Maxx!

Becky Arnold So sorry to hear about Max. So glad I tuned in the other day when Jordan did the segment on the camels. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as I know Max was a big part of AAP. I will never forget him. RIP Max.

Praying for all you at the park today as I know it will be a hard day for all. Sending Big Hugs from Oklahoma


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Dally Fontaine My condolences to you Jordan and the rest of the AAP family. I can imagen how you must be feeling losing this wonderful creature that started it all. Prayers for you and the AAP family.

RoseMary Pearce It really sad to lose an animal know matter how huge or small it is, it's still family. This is extra special because Max was the first AAP family I hope that Remy does not pine too much for you to worry.

Rebecca Hall No words can be said that expresses my deepest condolences to Jordan and the staff. You're all in my heart and in my thoughts on this devastating and heart breaking day and for as many days as it takes. Thank you for doing the jobs you do. It is always hard to loose a soul that means so much to so many. Animal Adventure Park, you are the best! Sending lots of love and positive thoughts. Will there be a memorial or anything?

Margaret Garside To Jordan and Family, Lucas, Corey and all AAP staff so very sorry for your lose of Maxx, such very sad news, he was in a very loving home at your amazing Park. Thank you for all the love and care you give all creatures large and small. RIP Max

I send to you all at this sad time. I hope Corey and Lucas are both ok. Love to you Jordan and Mrs Patch. Rest in Pearce dear Max xx ps keep us posted for any finding.

Barbara Bailey Wolford When a beloved animal lose one of your family. It hurts. And I ask myself..why am I tearing up over a camel I only met once? I am so sorry..and I am so glad he was happily alive until he passed on his sleep. Hugs and Grandmotherly love to all the staff and Jordan.

Jamie Steinman So sorry for your loss. Max is with Jesus now. He is running and playing with other animals that Jesus called home. I'll pray for you . God is extending his hand down on you and your park Jordan. He knows how much you love your animals. And he is pleased…

Heather Higgins Clay First let me say I'm so so sorry for your loss. Thru life you learned about animals. You at an early age wanted a park filled with animals to preserve the ones you could. To teach whoever would listen.

Along the way you grew to love Maxx long before AAP came along. Maxx taught you many things but most of all helped you to become what you are today. Your an awesome guy Jordan and for that I am grateful. People like you keep hope in my heart. Xoxo

Thelma Fletcher I'm so very sorry for your loss. Please except my deepest sympathies to all that loved and cared for Maxx, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you Jordan for giving Maxx so many wonderful years and excellent care with the help of your amazing staff. God Bless all 

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Victoria Schwentner Dear Jordan & staff….I was saddened to hear this…but happy we were able to get there on Wed to meet him before he left us. Maxx had a wonderful life with such caring, loving people at AAP.

He started what is a wonderful place for everyone involved…be it the resident animals, their super caretakers, & all of us that are lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit
God Speed Maxx

Susan Marie My heart is breaking for all of you. I will miss him. A big hug to you Jordan for giving him the best life he could possibly of had! We love you and will miss Maxx so much. Please give the staff my love and thank them for the great care and love they had for him. It's so sad.
Denise Rosenkranse I am so sorry to hear this. My heart and prayers go out to Jordan and the team. This is so sad. He truly cares about the animals like us humans care about our kids. He loves each and every one of them . I am truly sorry for the loss of Max. Msy he rest in peace. Sleepy easy Max. Prayers to our AAP family.

Dana Bonds I am so sorry to all of you at Animal Adventure Park. I just loved watching Jordan and Maxx interact a week or so ago. He was a special boy. I am glad he got to live out his years, munching carrots and feeling loved by his caregivers and visitors. Rest in Peace sweet boy.

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Sharon Bradley My hear is breaking, In tears… feel like we lost a part of family. Prayers out to all. Rest your heart in knowing that the end came with people who truly loved and care for him. FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS.

Patti Restivo I am so very sorry for your unexpected loss. I wish you happy memories after you grieve the loss of your sweet Maxx. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Laura Zinck To Jordon and the entire APP staff. There are no words that could be said to make y'all feel better, over the loss of Maxx. Please know that I and the entire world Mourn your loss and pray that you can find comfort together.

Judy N Fred Barber I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope it gives you some comfort to know that Maxx felt the love you had for him. So glad he was a part of your family! Thoughts and prayers for Maxx and all of you who loved and cared for him.

Juliana Sweet Jordan staff I am so sorry for your loss this is truly is losing a family member for you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers rest in peace Maxx.

Stephanie Deyo Mitsakos Maxx made so many kids so happy. Thank you Maxx for all you did to bring joy and smiles to everyone who met you. We are keeping all the caregivers at Animal Adventure Park in our thoughts. 

Barbara Lucido So sorry to hear of the passing of Max, watched the video you had on just the other day about the camels…….so sad to hear this, my thoughts are with you and the entire staff at Animal Adventure Park.

Roxanne Masker So sorry to read this ….. he had such good care and love there…… he will be missed by everyone….. but was also enjoyed by all that got to meet him…. Thing of all you there at the park with heavy hearts ….prayers are coming your way

Patricia Roberts Awww so sorry for your loss I know all of you at the park are very loving ppl towards your animals & are a big part of ur life's there family members to you all so very sorry for your loss & I thank you for all you do for all these beautiful animals treating them all so good & taking such great care of them

Lois Lightle Smith Jordan I am so sorry for your loss. I know what Big Max meant to you. You gave him a good life which I am sure he appreciated. I will be praying for everyones comfort. He will be missed

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Debbie Vealey Dinger This is truly sad. I'm sure Jordan and staff are not aware of it but when I was there on the 28th I witnessed a little girl feeding the little goats tiny rocks, and it swallowed them. I told the little girl not to do that. She even gave it a big rock in which the goat spit that one out. The parents were paying no mind to what she was doing, they then walked away. sad really. Watch your kids please.

Marie Clausen I can't even imagine the shock and sorrow you all must be experiencing today. But I'm very glad Jordan highlighted Maxx in a recording just two weeks ago. It's a great way to remember Big Maxx.

Annamaria AJ Johnson To Jordan and all the family at AAP, My sincerest condolences to you all on the loss of Maxx. I know your heart is breaking but PLEASE remember all that has been accomplished, the dreams fulfilled and it all started with a camel. I would like to think that Maxx did not suffer and in fact led a life full of so much Love, attention, comfort and food that he more than likely would NOT have enjoyed if it not were for you all.

I also would like to think that he felt as if his job here on earth was done, he made sure AAP came to reality, saw that you're well on your way to a very successful future and so felt that he was leaving you all in capable hands. I pray that he did not suffer but instead just fell asleep, dreaming of the memories you created for him to cherish and then just drifted over the Rainbow Bridge.

I hope you find comfort in all of the Love and Prayers being sent your way because you all, are truly Loved very much!! Thank you Maxx for starting this all, for helping Jordan to fulfill his dream and in turn, helping the WORLD come to know AAP and how we can help future generations of the Maxx's and Aprils's, Oliver's, etc!! Rest easy now Big Guy, your watch has been completed and we THANK YOU!! 

Fortune Ford So truly sorry for the loss of sweet Max. I know he brought joy and love to so many. You will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, because ALL creatures great and small go to Heaven. Rest In Peace

Rachel Ann Ortega So sorry to hear about Maxx passing I did see the segment Jordan did on camels. With a heavy heart I say RIP Maxx! I'm sure you will never be forgotten…Prayers for everyone at AAP! Jordan you have a big heart and your buddy Maxx knows he was very loved.. Love and Good Thoughts 

Susan Lynn Jordan, I hope your okay. It hurts and breaks our heart when we lose our pets. Especially when they have become family more than pets. I met Maxx on your video and I'm sorry he has passed. My thoughts and prayers of strength for you and your staff. Remember nothing ever passes as long as the memories stay in your heart.

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Judy Bernard My heart aches for everyone at the Animal Adventuure Park family on the sudden loss of Maxx. He was the cornerstone of the park and the first animal to live on the property even before it was a petting zoo. I know he was also the catylist for bringing Jordan and Colleen together as they both used to visit him when he lived on a nearby farm.

He obviously was a very powerful influence to all that loved him. I hope he is roaming in a beautiful new and safe desert and that he will continue to watch over all of you. I know he was loved by all who had him in their lives.

Gretchen Abbes Del Visco I am so sorry for the loss of Maxx. He is in a better place right now sharing all his great stories about his wonderful life at the AAP! My thoughts go out to Jordan and the rest of the AAP family!

Jill Gutting So sorry for your loss, what a sad day for everyone! You all gave him a wonderful life and I am sure he enjoyed every minute. He is still there in spirit and will always be in your hearts! Rest In Peace dear Maxx, the king of the park! 

Janine Iversen I'm bawling! Oh my goodness, so incredibly sorry for you all. We loved Maxx SO much, too. So grateful we got to spend time with him just six days ago. All my love and prayers for all of you!

Becky Irwin Visited the park today and did not learn of Maxx's passing until later in the day. Even with such a sad thing everyone still stayed very professional and made everyone's day special.I want to tell Jordan I'm so sorry for his loss but to thank him for such a wonderful experience.

Kendra Miller Jordan and staff….little did you know that when Maxx came into your life all those years ago that his mission on this earth was to grow your love of animals. He was here to help you attain your goals of saving, nurturing and conserving species that could disappear if not for people like you. And most of all he played a major roll in assisting all of you to educate all of us! 
Your hearts are broken now, but with time the grief will ease and Maxx will fill your hearts with happy memories. He will always be a chapter in your life's journey.
He knew you were now realizing your dream. His purpose on this earth was completed but he will never leave your hearts

Hilary Miller Oh, my. I am so sorry for your loss. I had so hopes to see him in the fall. I hope he is at peace in heaven and I am sure he lived a wonderful life once he moved to Animal Adventure. Prayers and love for all of you. I hope he can be buried on the property where he can watch over all the other animals.

Tanya DeWitt We are so sorry for your loss. I'm so glad I recently brought my daughter to your park and we had the pleasure and honor of meeting Maxx. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Rest In Peace Maxx. You are loved.


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