Offical Animal Adventure Arty With Jordan Patch Day 18 & 19

Day 18, up to the loft,
The heat is on, the bedding is soft!

Winter home of our tortoises, herd of over thirteen,
From above, they watch, our Giraffes overseen.

This hot oasis, natural relaxation,
Prompting Arty to take, a day long vacation!

Sulcata tortoise, third largest of its kind,
Africa is home, where one would naturally find.

Arty, on the shell of his mobile tanning bed,
A day of escape, from his assignments ahead.

Seven days, until his North Pole return,
The park is fun, but for home he does yearn!


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Day 19, into the hay manger,
As if naturally drawn, to feeding time danger!

He thought, till Day break, "this is where I'll wait",
It turned out to be, an Alpaca snack plate!

However, there is, no cause for alarm, 
These South American herbivores, can do little harm.

There is no worry, of a kick, or being bit,
True Alpaca defense, a green putrid spit!

But all is well, in the children's zoo,
They know who, Arty the elf, is reporting to!

Santa makes his list, he does check it twice,
On best behavior for all, from Giraffes down to mice!


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