Animal Adventure Arty Animal Adventure Park Day 15

Day 15, avoiding a jinx,
A very good start, with Nash the Lynx!

Nestled in among the pine, 
Right beside our friendly feline.

Our Canadian lynx, a welcoming host, 
A tidy home, she's not one to boast!

Arty can't help, but notice her paws, 
Concealing her large, retractable claws.

Her winter coat, full seasonal form,
Temperature ready, to weather the storm.

Space, with no other, would Arty dare share,
Not a cougar, a wolf, or even a bear!

animal adventure arty animal adventure park

Animal Adventure Arty Animal Adventure Park


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Supporter reacted:

Debra Mislin Bors May I say that Arty has found the purrfect spot for his adventure today  Though don't be fooled as he is keeping his eyes opened just in case she decides to pounce ~~ Still smiling as I start this Friday waiting to see where Arty goes next..thank-you Jordan for all that you do  You are one amazing and talented guy 

Audrey Niemeyer Beautiful kitty, but Art might want to keep an eye on those big paws! One swipe and it will wipe the red right off him! lol

Erin Poulo I hope you aren't stuffed with cat nip Arty !! Otherwise , I think she will be nice to you !

Susan M Schafetz Richards I am thoroughly enjoying these posts. Thank you

Brenda Hoover I love Arty's adventures! Thank you for keeping us updated on his exploits!

Barb Gerrick He was so cute when I saw him in October, just like a little kitty but much larger

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