Amimal Adventure Park Welcomed a Little llama

Amimal Adventure Park Welcomed a Little llama

Code Green: Llama Cria
We welcomed a little llama this afternoon to a first time mom! She did great, as well as our little one. 
Appears to be female, though we are waiting to get "hands on".

amimal adventure park welcomed a little llama

Little llama

Supportes react to Amimal Adventure Park Welcomed a Little llama

Joan Floerke Jordan I think you have the best job in the world! Selfishly I am so glad you had your dreams and are sharing them with me. The baby Llama is so cute, congratulations!

Karen Hulse Jordan and the rest of AAP Congratulations on our new baby. You guys are best. Always a blessing to see a new animal that is welcome to this lovely home there. Thank you so much for all you guys do for the love of the animal and us.

Judy Klinger You've had such a baby boom this year. Says a lot for how well you take care of your animals. They wouldn't be breeding like this if they were not comfortable with where they live and how they are being taken care of. Congrats to you and your whole team!

Giada Giovanni That's a BIG baby for little llama mama! How much do llamas typically weigh at birth and as adult female?

Lori Linardo Jordan congratulations on the new baby llama. Adorable. You all do a wonderful job with the animals.

Crystal Dillanes-Guzman Love all the updates and babies! I cant wait to come back! Maybe this time I can meet Jordan and Alyssa

Billie West Beautiful baby llama! Congratulations AAP. Thanks for sharing your new babies.

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