April the Giraffe Live Cam July 15th

 Alpaca Cria at Animal Adventure Park

April the Giraffe Live Cam on July of 15 

Maxx and Jordan Patch

Jordan Patch Reacts To Maxx`s Gone

TAJIRI the giraffe running wild 


Code Green: Alpaca

We have welcomed another female alpaca cria (baby)! Our ladies love to steal the show and birth midday for our guests to watch the remarkable experience.

alpaca cria

Alpaca Cria at Animal Adventure Park

alpaca cria

Alpaca Cria Baby

Baby is up and well!

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 Alpaca Cria at Animal Adventure Park – Supporters react:

Pat Garlipp Beautiful color on that baby! I was there last week and think I actually have a closeup of the Mom. She has a pretty pronounced underbite! I didn't know at the time that two alpacas were expecting!

Pat Stewart Omg how adorable, you just keep them coming. I so hope that you will be able to get the other area for giraffes done so that you can keep the whole family together, even if they can't actually be together.

Joan Greene You have brought so much joy to so many…blessings on all you do. I love mama's hairdo and that little one is just precious

Caron Heitner Generally they shave them down before giving birth, and to deal with the heat. Alpaca wool is fabulous and prized for woolen goods. No harm to the animal at all.

Catherine Byers Mom looks fantastic to have just given birth!! Look at how perfect her top curls are.

Carol Edwards Aww just look at that sweet baby! This place is just amazing. Counting the days till my family and I can visit. Can't wait!

Anita Hegarty Awww my melts your heart what a little cutie your so lucky to cuddle these Babies everyday must be bliss

Jennifer Newkirk Awe. Love seeing new life. Makes me so happy. So precious. Congratulations on another "kid" Jordan!!!

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