Happy Birthday To Allysa – Allysa Choice Baby Name Yet

Allysa Choice Baby Name

Happy Birthday to your Favorite Giraffe Keeper and a happy 2 week celebration of life for our calf!

Baby is thriving and growing!

Perhaps the best Birthday gift is Allysa's opportunity to name the baby? 

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Allyssa Choice Baby Name

Allysa and Baby

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Supporters react:

Linda Ellis Eastman: PLEASE JOIN ME AND GIVE ALLYSA A BIRTHDAY GIFT OF NAMING BABY G! Let's vote today for "Allysa's Choice" and put that name as #1! Allysa deserves this and it will be a super birthday gift.

Sheri Jo Lawson Wilso: Happy Birthday Allysa! I agree best birthday gift for Allysa is her choice for the baby. Thank you for being such a great and wonderful person and zoologist. Those of us that watched April's journey could see how much you loved April and Oliver and now the baby. I guess that is why you chose the field you did, your love of animals. Thank you AAP for letting us watch on Tuesdays, you made me very happy and I am sure tons of others that loved this journey.

Kristen Lawrie Happy Birthday Allysa! I hope you have a wonderful day! Now all you Allysa's choice supporters, I think we have some work to do. There are a lot of news outlets doing stories about the beautiful little boy Gio, Campaigning to name baby G. Bless the little boy, he passed away and his family and friends want baby G named after him. While I understand there desire, I am not so sure that Gio fits our little guy. That being said, if you can and you support Allysa's choice, get out there and vote again. The $5.00 goes to a good cause. I have a feeling that these will be the top 2 names, so let's make Allysa's choice number 1. Allysa is the giraffe whisperer, she has a unique connection with April and this has been seen in baby, she has inspired many people across the world with her compassion for animals, she is becoming an idol for little girls who now want to be zookeepers and help animals, working with Black Mambas to stop poaching of wild animals that are going extinct. on her Instagram page she has stated that she and Corey( our other favorite zookeeper) have come up with the perfect name for baby G, so she's not keeping this all to herself. She gave us so much while we were watching April, let's give her an awesome gift back, she really deserves this from us. Go vote Allysa's choice.

Patricia O'Brien Hoyt Happy Birthday Allysa! I love this picture and it shows how much trust April has for you. You were the very first person April let get near the little one and he took to you right away when he wouldn't let anyone else close. You have a loving bond with the giraffes and it shows. I hope you are chosen to name little man, you deserve that honor. Have a beautiful day and God bless you in every way.

Jamie Begg You have a very special bond with the giraffes. Jordan knew you would do great. Thank you for all those special moments you share with us. You really have the honor of naming that little guy. I hope it happens. Have a very wonderful da

Cassie Lynn Scalf OBrien Happy Birthday Allysa! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You can tell your bond with April has carried over to her calf as well. These animals can truly tell that you love and care for them. I'm voting for you to be able to pick the calf's name because from the start I've felt that you should have that honor.

Michelle Cook For all you that have negative things to say, keep them to yourselves! "Alyssa's choice" is her choice if there is a tie! It is not a name for the baby! If you were TRUE followers of this wonderful place, then you would already know that!!! She deserves to name the beautiful boy!!! If you have seen any of the postings and videos, you would know that she has the complete trust of April, Oliver and their baby!! Please get your head out of your butt before you voice your opinion!!! Enough said.

Charity Rudy: OMG why do people have to be on every post and live feed and be stupid. Allysa should have the choice to name the baby. She has always been there for April and she trusts Allysa around her baby. They are not being bias if people are the ones putting the votes in for her to name him. Some people need to stop being troublemakers. It's ridiculous.

Tammy Hollett Kolenda:Happy, happy birthday Allysa! What a special gift you have. You picked the right profession and it shows. Your love for the animals and the bond you have with April and her calf shows the patience you have. Enjoy your day Allysa.
Can't wait until Tuesday. Thank you AAP.

Linda Fairburn Hoke: Happy Birthday Alyssa! May you receive many bday kisses from that handsome little boy, baby G and a shower of love from April. Oliver may give you a nudge or two but most of all, enjoy your day. You are definitely a modern day Dr. Doolittle.

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