Ali the Aardvark at Cincinnati Zoo Update

Ali the Aardvark Cincinnati Zoo

Ali the aardvark and her 9-day-old baby, both in a food coma.

Ali the aardvark cincinnati zooAli the Aardvark at Cincinnati Zoo


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Supporters reacted:

Sandra L Rusch He kinda looks like JarJar Binks! One of my favorite Star Wars characters!

Jen Bolling So cute I am calling him Arnold until I know his name

Kathy L. Wright Is the baby born with "golden slippers" over it's claws to protect mama during delivery, similar to equine foals which have them on their hooves?

Heather Smith Mom and her tongue hanging out when she sleeps is so darn cute. And that baby…thank you for sharing!

Diane Nadeau I looked like that after Christmas dinner too!! My goodness, Momma has huge toe nails!! Do you all have to clip them for her?

Lauren Sheive OMG put me in a room with these guys and Fiona…My heart would explode from happiness!

Tammy Rinard Sorry I cannot say these animals are cute, but the they are interesting!

Elizabeth Barker My 46 yr old said said what the heck is that lol. Strange looking beast for a Canadian

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