Today Update on ALF the Giraffe at Brights Zoo with Maggie

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Happy Monday! Hopefully everyone had a good weekend and are enjoying the first few glimpses of fall. Since it is October that means Halloween is just around the corner, which means I must figure out my costume.

alf giraffe

Alf Giraffe

I thought I would take some hints from Alf and try on the whole spotted look for awhile. I don't think it looks as good on me as it does him so perhaps I'll try another. What are all you going to be for Halloween? Maybe some of you can pull off the giraffe look? Best of luck!


Supporters react:

Diana Nagy This should be in one of those magazines, "Who wore it better!" Kim Kardashian or Carmen Diaz? Only its you and ALF! Love this, Thanks for all your photos and sharing him with us. You are both darling,

Kayb Barrow Awww wee Alf!!! Maggie, you look great in Your Spots and just know Alf Agrees! Both of you are just too cute for words!!! Thank you for this oh so cute pic! Again, Thank you Maggie, Mrs. Connie, Kari, Bright's Zoo and #Teamalf for your tremendous love and devotion! I love you Alf!

Lynn Lovell Dear sweet Alf and Maggie!!! You're simply the best and I think the costume is great even though Alf's looking somewhat bemused!!! I'm wondering if Alf's looking more concerned by the idea that you might possibly ask him to dress up in your shirt! You two are the best!

Tina Rieu Alf seems to like your choice Maggie. I'm sure he feels like your his Momma anyways, spots or no spots. I don't know if I'm dressing up this year. Something to think about.

Marie Pianoforte LaHaye After the sad news today you cheered me up with your Alf update. He’s such a cutie pie.

Lynn Haifley Huber Haus I think ya look good maggie, Alf, precious as always

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Denise Rosenkranse I think it looks well on you Maggie what a great Duo you guys are love the photo thanks for sharing as always hope you have a wonderful evening

Susan Goldstein Samuels Maggie, you two could be twins! You know what they say, after a while we begin to resemble our pets! LOL Love this pic.

Amy Mazur Godwin Love me some Maggie and Alf! You always "Brighten" my day with your pics. Love and hugs to you both!

Joy Angel Maggie, you crack me up. I think you wear the giraffe costume quite well. But of course, Alf wins the prize! Lol

Christine Atherton Two giraffes?Alf must be so happy!This is great Maggie thank you love this update sweet.

Trish Goodman Alf has so much character he could be the next scooby doo if they made a cartoon about a giraffe


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