ALF the Giraffe at Brights Zoo Update 7/21/2017

ALF the Giraffe at Brights Zoo Update 7/21/2017
Keeper Maggie here and I hope everyone is keeping cool in this heat. Not much to update on, same old Alf so I decided to make today's video just for you all since you've been great to us.

alf the giraffe at brights zooALF the Giraffe at Brights Zoo

Thanks for all the kind words and support. As requested by lots of you, love for Alf. #teamalf

ALF clip today:

Supporters react:
Sharon Martin I will be coming to see Alf!!! I have fell in love with this little man. From Louisiana here!!

Brights Zoo He is not on display as of now but when that decision is made we will let everyone know. – Maggie

Birgit Holmquist Goldfarb ALF loves Maggie and Maggie loves ALF! This video clip is surely an Oscar nomination worthy short film. We all love it and are so happy to be able to participate just a little in the bond that you two have. #TeamAlf
Evelin Lindsay Awww, thank you, Maggie. This is just too cute. Alf, you are such a handsome guy. Love your eyes and those cute ossicones. Be good for Maggie. Kiss on the nose for you, sweet boy. You are loved.

Marie McCollum- Schmidt He is so precious. So happy he is doing so well and he is drinking from the bottle and now allowing someone else to help give him his bottles. Such great news. That pretty face of his. He does love his Maggie keep the great work Maryland zoo for helping Alf so he has a nice life and able to grow big and strong. Xoxo Alf. Keep up the great work baby boy. Thank you Maggie for keeping us posted with Alf

Kayb Barrow Thank you from the bottom of my heart Maggie for sharing this! I TRULY needed to see this today. It did my heart a world of good! I'm so very Elated Alf is doing so good and Your a Huge Part of why he is! I'll never get to visit or ever see a baby Giraffe in person, so Thank you for letting me ser this through your eyes! Thank you!

Connie Tomas You are wonderful Maggie. Glad to see Alf is so well. Thankful you take the time to post and keep us informed. He is so stinkin cute. My husband was joking about his name. He said Alf stood for another little fart.He has a weird sense of humor. Hope you have a great rest of your day. Love to Alf.

Jean Avery I thought I only loved one "giraffe kid" and that's Taj at Animal Adventure Park BUT my heart is big enough to let Alf in! Alf has stole my heart too! Thank you Brights Zoo for all you are doing. Hoping to get there for a visit since I'm in East Tennessee too!

Nancy Donovan Maggie and Alf, you both are adorable, and I love love love the way Alf is so attached to you, but I am very happy he is allowing others to give him is bottle. Maggie,, you are amazing, thank you. I want to come visit Brights Zoo as soon as possible. I just got the husband to take me to meet April, Taj and Oliver and now we want to meet you all.

Teresa Johnson Thank you for the video and as always updates on this sweet boy. I love the bond Maggie and Alf have, he is so stinking cute. Love his facial expressions. Keep up the wonderful work and love and time it takes to take care of this sweet sole. Hugs, kisses, prayers and blessings from Texas.

Judy A Ford Hey Alf glad ur doing good please stay healthy n dink get vitiams from ur moms milk I don't know u yet but I will tho Maggie ur so lucky 2 be able 2 get to work with Alf n all other animals at the zoo ty 4 taken good care of him I'm from Mabelvale Arkansas

Lynn Lovell Ahh thanks Maggie and Alf. It's 7.30pm here in England. Just had tea and Coronation Street is on TV – boring!! So I pick up my phone, check Facebook, and there you both are!! Now I'm a very happy bunny!!!! Have a brilliant weekend. Alf, you keep up the good work xxxx

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Diane Zurlo Keller He's such a sweetie! I know it's not part of your job responsibilities, so thank you so much for going the extra mile to go be us updates. When will Alf be introduced back to his s mom?

Sue Baumann Ty SO much for these videos! All of us in mourning for the loss of baby Julius are finding great comfort in this baby, and Maggie, and all of you at Brights zoo, we cannot say thank you enough for taking the time in doing this! Adorable!

Donna Lea Elias Thank you Maggie for your dedication. We can see the commitment, love and care you have for Your career. I saw where another person was able to feed Alf. Hoping you can get a break from working 7 days a week. Keep up the good work. Thanks 

Sharon Martin Maggie he is just so adorable and you can tell he loves those kisses and hugs from you!! You are awesome for being such a good mommie to him. He is just precious!!!!

Carol Uhlar Omgosh…thats the cutest little giraffe video I've ever seen. So wonderful of you to share Alf with us. He's absolutely adorable. Your cute too Maggie! Thanks


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