Baby Alf the Giraffe at Brights Zoo Update and Video Today

Alf the Giraffe

Keeper Maggie 
Hey fans! Keeper Maggie here with Alf, figured we should say Hi and a thanks again for all the support. I'll try and keep you all updated as best I can with on how Alf is doing and maybe some cute pictures/ videos, I mean who doesn't love those?

alf the giraffe

ALF the Giraffe at Brights Zoo

Today Alf is doing great, eating from Miss Connie again this morning, which is another step in the right direction. We're all excited for the continued progress! Hope you all have a great day and for all your support , here's Alf sending kisses!

Supporters react:

Tammy Ginnicks Hope this dosen't turn into another baby Julius. I've never heard of so many giraffes babies before. Its heartbreaking! They have become my favorite since I watched April give birth. Hope no more bad news. 

Brights Zoo Julius was a very special case. All of us in the zoo field have followed very closely and Julius had a great staff around him and gave him the best shot at survival. Every year many babies are hand raised for multiple reasons. The big difference today is more zoos try and be an open book and social media helps spread the word so much quicker.

Jo Ann Randolph Why is Alf being bottle fed I'm just getting to hear about Alf. This would be extremely sad if something happens after we lost sweet Julius

Toni Hall How will you feed him when he gets too tall to take a bottle from the keeper? A ladder?

Brights Zoo If he was nursing from his mother it would always be the same height. So when we bottle we try and use that same height which is just about 6 feet.

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Hollie Baker He looks to be getting taller. Thank you to Maggie and Mrs. Connie and all who have worked effortlessly taking care of Alf . He looks really good and is growing stronger and taller. Happy Zookeeper Day.

Bette Kolva They are so helpless and they can't tell you what's going on inside of them but his eyes are bright he's very alert and I'm glad now he was hate the bottle without Maggie come on Alf you drink them bottles from anyone who's going to give them to you and you continue to grow and be strong so many people love you

Sandra Boozer HE says tHat first "cup of coffee" in the morning is good no matter who gives it to you HA. Glad he's doing so well. Thanks to all who are working to help this amazing baby.

Elizabeth Crawford Don't forget about our Dobby and Willow. I think Julius will come back as another more healthy calf. He was here for everyone to take notice in science. Angel Julius

Donna Riebel Awe so glad to hear this! I watched the video from yesterday and he was wanting Maggie to feed him. He kept licking her chin. To stinking cute!

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