Alf the Giraffe Will Never Leave Brights Zoo

 Alf the Giraffe Will Never Leave Brights Zoo

It’s been a heartbreaking morning here at the zoo. Approx 3am a fire broke out in one of our large barns. Limestone volunteer fire department, Sulpher Springs Volunteer fire department and Nolichuckey volunteer fire departments arrived shortly after. Jonesborough Fire department did not respond.

At this time we are still out working with the fire department and accessing damage. We will post later today with more information. At this time our family and our staff need time to process this.

Due to a heavy volume of animal rights activist Brights Zoo and Wildlife Partners has agreed to end the sale of ALF.
We want people to understand that we would never put ALF in jeopardy. We feel confident he would have been in great hands at Wildlife Partners but they are unwilling to subject themselves to these unwarranted attacks.
Our business and Wildlife Partners business have been attacked on a level unheard of. People writing reviews to a facility they have never visited. People sending messages to keepers personal pages. Because of this there's not a zoo out there willing to take on the burden of an animal with this type of following.

alf the giraffe will never leave brights zooAlf the giraffe will never leave brights zoo



Brights Zoo will be breaking ground on a new giraffe barn immediately in order to keep ALF here at Brights Zoo. Wildlife Partners has agreed to sell us a female giraffe not related to ALF in the next two years. This will be a huge expense for the zoo, but we have been left with little to no choice in this matter.
Tony Bright, is the owner and founder of Brights zoo and very much a man of his word. This will be the first time in his business career that he had to back out of a sale.
Due to the amount of hate that we have received here at Brights Zoo we will not do another ALF update, nor will we ever do another set of posts like ALF again. We felt like these posts were a great way to encourage people to support giraffe conservation but was shown something different.

We have been on the phone with many zoo directors talking about the best approach to this case. All have said that social media can be great but can also ruin a great thing in a matter of minutes.
We are currently discussing no longer doing ALF meet and greets here at the zoo. We have received lots of love from many people but we have also received a lot of hate from others as well.
We will also never allow negativity on our page and will ban those who fail to follow that simple rule. Over the past 48 hours the zoo has received over 2000 messages to the page.

Some have been upset we don't reply in a matter of 5 minutes. Keep in mind we are busy caring for animals first and foremost.
To those that sent us messages of love, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To those that have sent hateful, hurtful messages, if your goal was to stop us from posting about ALF, you win.
What truly bothers me as the director of the zoo is that so many of the people that have sent these messages have never spent a dime at our zoo. Have never visited.

Building a new giraffe barn and new giraffe yard, plus purchasing a female is going to be a huge financial drain on our zoo. Our zoo receives zero outside money. We are closed in the winter months which means zero income from December 1st to March 15.

We are discussing doing a gofundme page in order to raise the money to build this new facility. The cost to build this and bring in 1 female is going to be at least $150,000. If we raise that $150,000 by the end of the year we will make a promise that ALF will never leave Brights Zoo.

The link to Brights Zoo gofundme below if you want to help Alf get a girlfriend, too:


Get it : Here

Supporters react to Alf the Giraffe Will Never Leave Brights Zoo

Judy Edwards It is disgusting that people who know absolutely nothing about how to take care of these beautiful animals, or any animal for that matter, can actually influence the way you do business. I am utterly heartbroken that there won't be any more Alf updates.

I lost my husband to cancer last year and I'm in a very bad state of depression. It takes me days of planning to be able to leave my house. Seeing Maggie's Alf updates and that cute face of his and how they interact together is a bright spot of my day. I am so sorry these ignorant people had to ruin this.

I will truly miss seeing Alf. I did save all the pics of him and Maggie so I can look at them when I need a little smile. Feels like another death I'm going through now.

Connie Bright We are not sure about not posting Alf updates We may continue after some of the hurt dies down. Our zoo had had a stellar reputation from day one. We work 7 days a week. Maggie has cried for the past two days. I have cried for past two days.

David Maggie and I have not slept for 48 hours. We are heartbroken at the level of hate. We went from such a positive loving fun enjoying time to shock, dismay, heartbreak, hurt that's enough to last a lifetime. David is my son. I've been worried about the stress for him.

Time will tell what will happen. But thanks to all of the kind people who have followed from day one. And today's kind words. It will cost a lot so we will see how that goes too. God Bless our sweet followers.

Cathleen Bonica Brights Zoo, with all due respect you put “Alf” out there for the public to attach themselves to . It only makes sense they would be concerned with his welfare after watching the early struggles . I’m not certain the blame is on them.

Removing Alf from his followers is not a wise move , if you are looking for support from these same people. The general Public has become invested in your giraffe and cheered him on, just as they have to Jordan Patch’s, seek him out for advice . As a business owner I know only too well how the general public can turn on you, anger is an appropriate reaction, sadly not the most effective .

Reach out humbly and you’ll get your barn! These followers can move mountains if they believe in you ! Best of luck , I look forward to donating ! P.S. glad Alf is staying ! Play it right and you’ll have another AAP success story 

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