Alf the Giraffe Update Today on August 23

Alf Alert!

Just a quick video from this morning before the Zoo opened. A small gallop out of the barn then Alf working on his big boy cool strut (As i like to call it).

So far he's been adjusting well and is taking in all the new sounds and smells. Enjoy the video and know I'm working on getting the one of him running around. Keeper Maggie signing off for now so I can go back to work


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Supporters react:

Denise Griffin-Becker Oh ALF it is so nice to see you outside, especially your little gallop. You are a handsome little man, and the world already knows it. Love you so much! Thank you Maggie for allowing us to experience ALF and watch him grow and adjust. We all appreciate you and Brights Zoo.

Maria Princess Resciniti Thanks Maggie for ALL the Alf updates. Alf is growing by leaps and bounds…LoL! I live here in Upstate N.Y. 15 minutes from April, Oliver & Tajiri. I enjoy watching Alf's progress as much as my local giraffe family. Looking forward to seeing the silly boy, (Alf) kicking & running around!! Giraffes are so amazing, beautiful and majestic animals. Keep up all the hard work you do for Alf and all the other animals you care for. Sending love from our Giraffe family to yours. God bless

Linda Moales You guys are amazing. Maggie we all appreciate, respect and most of all love what you do for this little guy. Can't wait to be able to come see him!! Much love

Patty McDaniel Thank you so much for sharing of yourself and Alf. Love the videos of you guys together and his little romps outside he's a cutie for sure.

Julie Tress Wow alf you are doing briliently keep up the good work and a big thank you to the keeper maggie and miss connie gor all the hard work you have been putting in with alf keep up the awesome work

Barbara Gulbish Thanks Maggie for the updates. He looks more comfortable in his surrounding today. Love hearing about ur little guy!!!sending Love and Hugs to all.

Sharon Martin Awwww Alf you are so handsome!!!! Love seeing you outside little guy, I love you so much ♡♡♡. Thank you Maggie for the video!! You are so awesome.

Karen Diana Leite Alf seems to be so calm. Good to see him out doors for a little gallop. He is one of the most beautiful giraffes I've seen.

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