Alf the Giraffe Latest Update Today on August 10th

Alf Alert
Good evening all, Keeper Maggie here finally with some news to share! Someone has decided to finally be a good boy and give me a nice break!

Every feeding today Alf has taken his bottle from Mrs Connie without me having to be there. It's been a nice break and grand to have help, which I'm pretty sure Mrs Connie loves.

Hoping he keeps on this trend and continues to be a good boy. Figured you all might enjoy hearing we've made progress. I bet it's from all the support we've received, so thanks for supporting teamalf .

He's about 6'8 and about 200 lbs.

Here's our good boy for your viewing pleasure.

ALF clip

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Supporters react:

Velvette Magee Well Hello There sweet little guy, so happy to hear you have been a good boy for your "Mommy". You sure are outrageously CUTE !!!!! Keep on being good, keep on growing. We will never get tired of your adorable face

Brenda Rising I can't even take these pictures of ALF … for some reason he has this priceless innocent face that is just adorable! Somehow I can't help thinking that I would miss feeding him But I get it, you do it several times a day without a break and so it is nice of you to share ALF with Mrs. Connie. Good Job ALF

Barbara Suma Thanks Maggie, our little boy is growing confident in others. A very good sign. God Bless you guys for the great work you do. It's very heart-warming to watch his progress after the terrible disappointment of the loss of Julius. I can imagine how taking care of these little ones is rewarding and sometimes heart-breaking and that's why I have the utmost respect and admiration for what you do. Mrs. Connie, I'll just bet your smiling ear to ear with this little guy. Thanks again for the update.

Nancy Pabody Oh my goodness, how he loves to pose….such a ham!!!! So glad he's become comfortable with keeper, Mrs. Connie! We have fallen in love with Alf…..just don't tell Taj….we love them both

Kayb Barrow Ohhh you Precious thing!!! Your doing so good Alf taking your bottles from Miss Connie! Maggie thank you, Kari and Miss Connie for all your love, devotion and dedication! I could squeeze the stuffings outta y'all and Alf too!

Evelin Lindsay Good job, Alf!!! I am so proud of you, for being a good boy and giving Maggie a break. Thank you, for being a big boy for Miss Connie. We need to celebrate. Keep it up, Little man. I love you.

Denise Griffin-Becker Yay good boy ALF. Maggie you are and always will be terrific!! Thank you for all that you do for our little man!! ALF we all love you so much. Keep it up with the good news little man

Lynne Jane Baker He gets cuter by the day good that he is giving you a rest but i bet he misses his human mommy maggie much love to you all forever in our hearts xx

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Cyndi Guynup Marsh That is awesome and yes we definitely love the updates. Way to go Alf keep being s good boy for Maggie she needs rest too. Thank you Maggie

Debbie Luck Maggie That's great news you deserve some R&R I'm sure Mrs Connie will shower him with much love

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