Alf the Giraffe Update on August 15

Alf the Giraffe Shirt and Cup Update on August 15

Keeper Maggie sharing my daily dose of Alf with you all. Once again I decided to make this post for you, the fans! Every post I make I try to read every comment and respond if I can so I do read most, if not all comments.

As I read them I've noticed that many of you love to send hugs and kisses to Alf. Let me reassure you, every kiss and hug gets delivered and Alf loves them all.

Thank you to everyone and Alf says Keep the love coming, he sends it back ten fold.

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Supporters react:

Evelin Lindsay Maggie, there is such love between you and sweet Alf. I could watch you with him for hours. Look at those lashes and those eyes…..He is such a beautiful, little man and looks so happy. Thank you so much, for all you do. Wish I could give you both a big hug.

Amy Wolfgang Hey is adorable–just am sooo jealous of you care takers!!! You make it look sooo easy but I realize it is very hard work but soooo rewarding. God Bless you and thank you for the updates!!! Keep getting strong big boy 

Linda Moales Love this boy and you Maggie. So glad he is doing well. Alf is so loved by so many and we appreciate EVERY update that you take the time to send us! Thank you so very much Maggie. Especially for the wonderful care you give to that precious boy

Annie Mehew Maggie, young Alf does you proud, he is so handsome, cute, goofy and just everything you would want in a baby giraffe. It has been a joy to see him thrive after such a difficult start in life, we do appreciate all you and Mrs Connie do for him hugs and kisses all the way from Wales UK

Tonya Shaw Canerot Maggie. Thank you for the updates. I love them and Alf. Thank you and his care team for all the love and dedication. I want to cry when I think of him leaving Brights zoo. I cannot imagine it. God bless you and Alf. Give him hugs and kisses from ND

Denise Griffin-Becker Hi handsome ALF. Wish I could hug you. I'm so jealous Maggie. Thank you for all that you do for our little man. Please pet him and give him a kiss for me!! Love you so much ALF

Lynn Lovell Thank you Maggie and Alf xxx you're getting so tall young man and more handsome than ever and you have the most gorgeous eyes. Be very good and this time you can give Maggie a huge hug as a thank you from us all for the updates

Charlene Wilson Alf you are such a handsome boy, I'm sending you my kisses and hugs. Make sure Maggie gives them to you. Alf I'm glad to seeing you grow and healthy. Keep looking into that camera for us to see your beautiful face.

Judy Lynn Seese Maggie, thank you for taking time to share these videos. Alf is so adorable and he is grown a lot thanks to you and the other guys that are starting to feed him! I love him as much as Taj now! Kisses to Alf!

Lisa McNeil Endless hours of hard work and dedication don't go unnoticed. We all love seeing the bond you have with Alf and know a great deal of work comes from all that love he shares. You are all blessed beyond measure.

Pat Ashton Collins This was the perfect end to a hectic day, I love this little (big) guy so much. Thank you so much for all the video and posts, I know I love him as much as all of us do. And he loves u to the moon and back

Doreen Simonian Alf seems like quite the character and so lovable! These are such great videos…keep 'em coming! I love being a counselor but my second pick would've been something with animals so, I have to admit, I'm a wee bit jealous. I know it's not easy work but this little guy must bring a smile to your face every day

Barbara Suma Thanks Maggie, I see all is well, and that's great to know. All of us here love Alf and have enjoyed knowing his progress. It is reassuring to know that Keepers like you are caring for him and so many other wonderful animals. God Bless you all

Janice Johnson So cute..If it wasn't for ALL THE WORK that actually goes into it I would love to take care of these beauties. Of course I am retired now with way less energy than I use to! are completely ADORABLE..Thank you Maggie for taking such good care of him.



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