Alf the Giraffe Playing Outside at Brights Zoo

Alf the Giraffe Playing Outside


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Juanita Bayer Richardson Alf we all love you so much! Be a good boy and eat your veggies. He seemed more interested in being a ham for the camera! He knows he is a super star

Kathleen Gandarillas Look what I can do Maggie look Look! I'm rolling it around on my tongue! It's so slippery, Oh! Not letting it fall out of my mouth! Oops I just swallowed it, can I has another #mamamaggie pls? 😂 just love your lil man and his antics

Karen Packer Thank you so much for sharing its wonderful to hear how Alf is doing although I won't get to meet him I'm keeping up to date with your shares all the very best to you all, you are all awesome

Patsy Jones Hampton Alf is really growing I sure enjoyed seeing Alf Sunday. I had never been to Brights Zoo until then. Very nice place and everyone was really friendly great job Maggie

Sue Wilson Hi, Alf & Maggie! Thanks for the update! Alf, you're having so much fun with your new treat. Just wait until you actually bite one! Carrots are the best!

Francine Bakic Lee O Alf you are too funny. Get your big tongue out of the way! LOL Glad he is doing so good Mama Maggie. TY for all of the updates and videos!

Ruth Ann J. King Thanks Maggie for all the updates. Know you are quiet busy and updates ate very much appreciated whenever you get a chance and the videos of Alf are great.

Shirley Swindall Keeper Maggie I have no doubt he will get the hang of things and he will be begging for yummy treats like carrots in no time 

Maria Angrisani-Esposito I love Alf and he loves the camera. Maggie, does Alf have any teeth yet? When does his teeth start growing? Thanks.Thanks for this cute video.

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