Latest Update on Alf the giraffe Picitures at Brights Zoo Today

We went to see Alf, Valerie, Melmac, Shenna and another pregnant female that I do not remember her name

This is Alf at Brights Zoo. He is such a camera hog. Just love him.


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Supporters react:
Carol Edwards I love this. Great idea to show him then and now! He's beautiful in both shots!

Carol EdwardsDebbie McCarty Thank you for all the things you do for him. He is absolutely adorable. Thank you for all the updates. Hope he will be able to stay with you when he gets bigger. I love you both

Marie McCollum- Schmidt Omg he has grown up so nicely and the funniest baby ever his personality is wonderful and no other baby that has born this year has the humor like Alf. Alf is one of a kind. Hopefully in the works you guys can keep him. So happy he is grown nicely and getting bigger and stronger everyday. Been following Alf since birth

Rhea Halloran Oh my….what a handsome young toddler he has become! Maggie, you are doing an amazing job with him. It takes a special person to achieve what you have with this boy!

Ann Bennett Thanks Brights Zoo for sharing Alf and caregiver Maggie, spotlighting the dedicated care and updates on Alf's continued stats and progress. Love you Alf…a handsome 3 months and healthy…growing and thriving!

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