ALF the Giraffe Outside with Maggie Today at Brights Zoo

ALF the Giraffe Outside with Maggie Today at Brights Zoo

There is no doubt that sweet baby loves Maggie!

ALF the Giraffe at Brights Zoo

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Supporters react:

Debbie Harrington Denney I, for one, totally support how the program helps to save giraffe and repopulate a species that is disappearing in the wild. Maybe someday, with the hard work you and many other zoos around the world, will be able to declare them saved.

Suzanne Tipton I am so sorry that there is some people out there that are so negative. They are full of hate & enjoy ruin it for others that are trying to enjoy peaceful and beautiful giraffes.

Kathy Ledford Howington Maggie and Connie and everyone else at Brights Zoo takes Extremely Good care of ALf . And I am so sorry for the ones that get on here and say things that they shouldn't . ALf really makes my day sometimes when I am having a bad day or just down all I have to do is see his sweet face and his little Silly faces he makes ! Please don't stop posting Updates about ALf . I just wish people would grow up sometimes you know? Please Give ALf Hugs!

Annette Wright Fowler Alf is such a precious baby! Love seeing him and also with Maggie. You all please keep doing what you do. It's your zoo, they are your animals, this is your FB page. Maybe put a little message on your home page stating negative comments are not welcome and will be deleted and have all the delete parties you want to have. Delete them from your heads too. Sadly, these days bullies will be bullies but they can't do anything to you that you don't let them. So just don't let them. And thank you so much for sharing this sweet baby with all of us. Sincerely! (An Aprilholic and Alfaddict!)

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