Alf the Giraffe News: Alf Makes Funny Moment and Alf’s 8ft Today

Alf Alert

Just in case everyone is having a bad case of "The Mondays", here's some Alf fun to make it better. I'm sure many of you have noticed I decided to switch things up with my hair color for the fall. I figured if I wanted to keep up with Alf I need to make a change.

As you can see Alf still had to be sure it was all about him in case I forgot, which I never do, kinda hard seeing as Alf's 8ft. Hopefully this dose of Alf 'medicine ' can cure any case of Monday blues.

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Supporters react:

Annie Manthey Alf loves you so much Maggie!! You are his Mom. Such an honor to be loved by any animal but especially a giraffe like Alf! 

Jamie Kerr Poor Alf sure does love you Maggie. You have him so spoiled. Keep up the great work you are doing with him. He is loved by so many.

Patti Decroo Oh my goodness! Ok, those EARS! 
Miss Maggie, if you go back through frame by frame about the 8second mark, Alf gets the cutest expression and then his tongue kinda sweeps out and over past your ear/head…like he was totally trying to sneak in a kiss

Michelle Renwick I know that giraffes don't have more than a few minutes memory (so I'm led to believe) but I just wonder with you, Maggie, having hand reared Alf if he'll always remember you😘 He treats you like a mummy

Tonya Shaw Canerot Thank you for sharing. Alf is growing so quickly. The videos always make my day. Maggie the red looks great. Thank you for all your love and dedication to Alf. God bless

Sharon Martin Alf just made my Monday so much better!! And of course you did to maggie. Gosh the love you and Alf have between each other is amazing, you are his mommie and he loves you so much. Thank you for sharing little man with us. We have grown to love him so much just like we do you. Have a great day and give Alf kisses and hugs from us.

Jacquelyn K Hardie Love the new hair color, Maggie! Alf is such a camera hog-such a diva! I noticed how when you were showing off your new color he put his ear in front of you so you couldn't see your hair! Silly boy you are Alf!

Marie McCollum- Schmidt He always cheers me up. Love him to death Again he is one of a kind that u don't see in other baby giraffes and he has a good personality and yes loves that camera and he loves you Maggie. So happy he is doing great and thank you for the videos. He always puts a smile on my face Love u Alf

Kathy Sutton Awe Maggie it's great t see you and Alf. Clearly Alf was trying to be the focus of your video AND get in some extra hugs with you. What a beauty! Alf's pretty cute too!

Lynn Deeds He is a silly boy. Maggie, I just bet he is going to miss you so much when it is time to move and visa versa. You guys are a one of the kind love for each other. Love you both. Huggies.

Sarah Wolfe- Walsh You guys are adorable. I love seeing your posts. He is such a character and truly special. We will be making the trip soon from Wisconsin to visit. Have a great week!

Maria Princess Resciniti You're rocking the new hair color Maggie! Alf may be 8ft tall, but he'll always be your silly baby boy

Patti Clark Palmisano-Sanderson Yup this takes care of the Monday-Friday blues!! He's so darn cute, sweet, adorable & he's doing so good!! Kuddo's Maggie!!! Love the hair color!

Kathy Schneider So sweet! What a way to make a Monday better!! Maggie your beautiful inside and out and Alf I can't even explain what joy you bring!! Thanks love you both!! Hugs!

Wilkowski Kathy Thanks for the laugh Maggie. Love your new Fall color. I swear that someday Alf will be speaking in one of these videos. It seems that he understands what you're saying and can answer you by shaking his head yes or no…….what a team you 2 make

Colleen Emerick Chance-Judy Alf you are so handsome. You have Maggie wrapped right around your cute ears. Love you Alf. Thanks Maggie for everything you do for Alf. You are the best.

Charlene Wilson You might have changed your hair color but Alf still knows it you and loves you. Your hair is a beautiful color. Love you Alf

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