ALF the Giraffe Latest Update on August 25

Maggie, Connie and I met this morning in regards to ALF and the #teamalf updates. In the beginning doing the posts was truly a lot of fun for Maggie. So many positive comments. Lately things have changed somewhat. I know many of Alfs favorite followers have done a wonderful job of answering some of the questions for us.

Besides from caring for ALF maggie also has to take care of a great deal of animals. She has been doing to the ALF updates because it's always show of your kid (ALF) and for the most part people truly enjoy seeing his updates. Over the past week it seems we have gotten more not so positive comments from some and it is wearing on Maggie and #teamalf. We are at the decision point of do we keep doing these posts? If so what do we do about the negative comments.

Alf the Giraffe outside

If we decide to continue on with the ALF posts we do have request that any and all comments be of a positive nature. An example of a comment that is not positive is comments that state he is lonely, comments about its not fair he can't be with his mom, it's not fair that ALF can't stay here, etc

As a facility that focuses on breeding endangered species, we know way ahead of time that many of our babies will be going to other zoos. That is how zoos are able to keep bloodlines clean and help build up the numbers of these endangered species. Of course we would love to be able to keep ALF here forever but that would not be fair to ALF. He needs to go to a zoo that has a breeding program that needs his bloodline to help them produce more giraffe.

On a final note – videos and photos posted by Brights Zoo are owned and copyrighted by Brights Zoo. We have noticed a rise in people posting our videos to YouTube as their own. Speaking of YouTube over the next few weeks we plan on putting a large focus into getting our Brights Zoo YouTube page loaded with great videos.

We truly do thank you all for following ALF and look forward to meeting so many of you now that ALF is out for viewing.

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Supporters react:

Stephanie Snyder It's ultimately your decision but please know we support it to the fullest!! It's a shame there are those out there that have no understanding how this works, Alf is still a giraffe, not a pet in someone's home. Maggie, Connie and the rest of #teamalf do an awesome job! Thank you so much for sharing him with us!

Carole Pierre Blide Its so sad , people did the same thing to Alyssa and April and her family. I for one enjoy the post and have learned so much more about these magnificent animals, through all the post and it is wonderful to see the people who have so much love and compassion forall these animals. So much neg. in the world today, it is nice to see positive things .

Linda Johnson Julius Dear Maggie, we are all so sorry for the negativity you've received, please know there are thousands of us cheering you on and praying for the entitle Brights Zoo family . I'd be happy to assist reading and approving comments , y'all shouldn't have to do this. We are so grateful for the love and care our boy Alf has received and hope to be able to visit soon! Keep up the great work, we love Brights Zoo!

Diane Marino Axton Thank you for the updates. I enjoy them very much and love hearing about his progress. It's unfortunate that people have to be negative. I think some of them may be young kids. I appreciate what you do and don't blame Maggie for this. She and the staff have worked very hard and negativity is not what they need to hear. You are the professionals and should not be questioned. Hope it stops, David. Thanks for doing a great job for these beautiful majestic animals. Love and respect to you all 

Sharon Martin It's a shame people are so rude to a wonderful staff like you all are. Please ignore those kind of people they did the same thing to April and Allysa!!! We all love seeing maggie and Alf but we are behind you on any decision you make. You are a wonderful zoo and the animals are in such great hands with the staff you have. We all love Alf and Maggie . I am so sorry that there is such Idiots out there that wants to ruin it all for everyone.

Debbie L. Parrott I just want to thank you for sharing this experience of Alf with us. Maggie is so good with him and with us. It has been such a wonderful journey and I know Alf will make everyone proud wherever he is. Also, I must include Connie for being there for Alf also, you guys do a wonderful job and I thank all of you and Brights Zoo for sharing Alf with us

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