Alf the Giraffe Update with Maggie From Brights Zoo Today

Happy Labor Day to everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the time off and maybe some of you are spending the day at the Zoo with Alf! It was a pleasure seeing everyone today at Alf's Keeper talk and I know Alf enjoyed it too. Seeing as its Labor Day I thought I'd share with you all some of the labor we put into Alf. 

ALF the Giraffe Coffee Mug

ALF the Giraffe 

Our days start around 7am when we make his bottle, feed him, and check his barn for any "bathroom breaks " from overnight. We keep records of how much Alf eats as well as when he goes potty. This lets us know if he's on the right track and feeling ok. Alf gets let out into his yard (weather permitting) where his fans can see him. Throughout the day we make checks him.(plus I try to get pictures/ videos for you all.) At 12:30pm he gets his lunch bottle and meets all of you up close.

He loves these encounters as much as I'm sure you all do. (If you've been to one you've seen the silly boy in action) After lunch he gets a few more periodic checks until I leave work for the day. Of course I never leave without my hug and kiss goodbye from him. At around 7:30-8pm Alf gets his dinner bottle and put up in his barn for the night.

There he gets tucked in, a good night story, and monsters are checked for under the bed and in the closet.(We never do find any but always have to check) We say our good nights and collect all notes about him for the day and put them in our Alf info folder.

We get to do it all again the next day I'm happy to have so much help from all the staff at Brights Zoo, cause without them I couldn't do this alone. Have a Happy Labor Day from all of us at Brights Zoo and #teamalf.

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Supporters react:

Alicia Snowder I never knew how much work went into raising Alf. Is this something that is necessary because he is being hand raised? Or is this something (specifically the documenting) that is done for most or all of your animals?
You gals never stop amazing me

Brights Zoo We keep a lot of records for our animals, not just Alf, but because we needed to be sure he was processing his food properly we have to note how often he " goes ". With other animals we might keep track of food consumption, behavior differences, or anything medical. This is all useful and can tell us lots about our animals that they can't tell us themselves verbally. – Maggie

Jane Bunts Solan Thank you zookeepermaggie: We know that Brights Zoo supports you and all of the team that cares for Alf. We who watch from afar salute your efforst on this Labor Day. We know caring for Alf is a Labor of Love for many people.

Jamie Kerr Poor Thanks for the labor day update. Alf is so precious, loved your video about his ears also. He's getting so big now, you and the others take such great care of him. Thank you for all you do.

Aileen Kane Happy Labor Day to you and the other Keepers and Staff at Bright's Zoo! Thank you so much for the Alf Alerts! He is a really sweet giraffe and I am so glad you all saved him!

Stephanie Snyder Your updates are the best Maggie!! It seems that Alf is very well cared for, especially since you all are checking for monsters before turning in for the night! 👻 He's a very lucky boy!

Darlene Barker Wolff Absolutely adorable and humor is awesome his personality is so cute. Eyelashes are beautiful I could get those if I ever wore fake ones. Love you all keep up the great loving work. Give our big baby a hug and kisses for me please. Alf just seeing you makes life worth living

Cathy Christensen Maggie you are so great with Alf and he loves you that you can see in those beautiful eyes of his. Love his little ears too. It does take a village to raise a child and you all at Brights Zoo are doing a stand up job!!! Thank you for this precious little, soon to be big, boy!! Hugs to all of you!

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Connie Tomas Awesome update. Thank you so much. Alf is such a cutie. The time and efforts invested in him definitely show. He is growing and healthy and loves his humans. You all are wonderful. Hope you get to enjoy the rest of your day.

Christy Hutto Wadford Thank you to everyone for your tireless efforts keeping these animals taken care of. Your posts are a welcome "happy post" with all the ugly in the world. Y'all do make a difference and are true animal heros!

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