ALF the Giraffe Update on July 28th

Alf the Giraffe Brigths Zoo Update 7/28/2017

As always your favorite "Giraffe momma" (aka Keeper Maggie) with an update. Alf still is eating well and growing so I figured I'd share a video thats fun.

alf the giraffe brights zoo

Alf the Giraffe at Brights Zoo

Alf does this every time he's done eating and it's been tricky to get it on film but I managed to snag it today after his lunch.

Alf Clip:

Mom's are supposed to embarrass their kids right? Well here's our silly boy doing just that, being silly. Now this is a normal giraffe behavior but it still looks silly and hope it puts a smile on all your faces. Enjoy and have a great weekend! #teamalf

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Supporters react:

Evelin Lindsay Awww, Sweet boy, I just love you. You are a good boy, keeping yourself clean, after eating. Maggie is such a good Mom. Keep on growing, little man

Diane Zurlo Keller Thanks for the bright (no pun intended) spot in the day Maggie and Alf! Maggie you have the best job ever!

Martha Matisa NEVER apologize for doing your job!  I appreciate whatever updates we get! He sure is a handsome guy!! Is Alf still touching your chin? That's an interesting behavior!

Denise Rosenkranse Oh my gosh. Love this boy. Maggie no need to apologize . We understand you are very busy with our boy and the rest of the beautiful animals. We appreciate when u give us updates. Thanks for everything and all the staff do for the Gods beautiful creatures

Terri Britten Thanks for a new update. We love keeping up with ALF and knowing that he is growing, getting stronger and cuter all the time. I know this is not part of your job but I think you know how special ALF is! Thanks to Maggie, Kari and Ms Bright for taking the time to put up with us crazy giraffe people! Lol 

Angela Sparks I love you updates, but I don't want you to feel pressured into sitting at the computer. You have a job to do and Alf is your priority along with the other animals. I look forward to hearing about Alf and seeing new pictures, and it's a happy surprise when they pop up on my page. Post when you can and know it's appreciated. Thank you for thinking of us

Betty Louwsma I love seeing pictures of him even if there's no news to report. I so appreciate you taking the time to post the pictures Maggie, especially since you are so busy all day. Don't apologize. I will definitely continue to follow Alf and there are no boring days. He's just so adorable-I just have to love him



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