Latest Update on ALF the Giraffe at Brights Zoo 9/19

Alf Alert!!

Growing up we were always told "Don't play with your food " I know I was.( of course I barely listened) Well now that I'm a "Mom " I should be telling Alf not to play with his but I actually want him to play with his food.

Alf has been introduced to a few new food items such as hay, browse, and some produce. Alf hasn't fully figured out all this delicious yet but that's ok he's still learning.

The easiest way for Alf to learn is to play and today's video is all about playing with his food. ( I'm just glad he's not starting a food fight) Alf continues to do well and eventually will be eating carrots and goodies just like his parents in no time. (Yes I eat my veggies like a good Zookeeper) Mangia!

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Supporters react:

Marsha Fields He's so cute! Did he have some romaine lettuce? Thank you for sharing Maggie! Seeing you an d Alf makes our day!

Brights Zoo He was not a fan of the lettuce. The minute it touched his tongue he spit it out and ran away. Big baby. Haha – Maggie

Raquel Seibert How old is Alf now? I don't recall his birthday.

Brights Zoo 12 weeks. His birthday is June 24. – Maggie

Paula Bowers Silly Alf eating your carrots helps your eye sight (was told that as a kid, not sure if works or not. I wear glasses now). Maggie you are the best keeping us updated.

Brenda Rising How funny he is! Those big eyes and he is trying to get it with those front bottom teeth hahaha! Silly ALF!

Thanks for sharing Maggie! It is so nice to have a Zoo care to keep us up to date! Appreciate you Maggie and Brights Zoo!! Why is the hair on his ossicones still laying down? Will they stay that way, hope so. Its kinda cute! hahah!


Jacquelyn K Hardie Love, love, love this!! Alf you are growing up so quickly!! It was only yesterday you were just a baby!

Maggie, please put a book on his head do he will stop growing! Just kidding! I'm so proud of you Alf! Maggie keep up the great work you are doing with our boy

Barbara Suma This was the best so far! He is so cute. He doesn't quite know what he is supposed to do with the carrot. It looks like he is trying to suck on it. His face is so darn cute, you just want to kiss him. He is so funny. You must go home laughing to yourself

Maria M Paz OMG … I don't mind Alf playing with the carrots I think it's adorable … Thank you so much Maggie for sharing this awesome video of Alf you are a Treasure and Team Alf … My Love and Thank you to all for all you do for this Magnificent Giraffe and the rest of the animals at the Zoo and to my Precious Alf who makes me soooo happy


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Juanita Bayer Richardson Alf we all love you so much! Be a good boy and eat your veggies. He seemed more interested in being a ham for the camera! He knows he is a super star

Sheila Browning Starett Better watch out Maggie he might start a food fight known alf he is such an orney boy glad he is starting to eat his viggies like a good boy that he is you are such a good mommy Maggie keep up the good work and he will get the hang of it

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