UPDATE on Alf the Giraffe and Maggie at Brights Zoo Today

Alf Alert!!

Keeper Maggie back again with positive vibes. I want to say Thank you so much to all who have written in, commented, and even visited Alf with positive things to say. It means more to us, well maybe me more then Alf since he cant read (he is only 9 weeks old) then we can ever say to know we have great followers and supporters.

Alf the Giraffe and Maggie

It was a pleasure meeting a few of you this weekend, and speaking of meeting, Alf had a few meet and greets with visitors! For the past 2 days when Alf ate his lunch time bottle, guests were welcome to get closer to him. We started slow to see how he handled it but like the 'ham ' he is,Alf loved the extra attention!

Hopefully some of you got good pictures or videos as well as a chance to see our "little " guy be his goofy self. Thank you again to everyone for the love, support, and kind words through all this. Alf sends his love as well 

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Supporters react:

Judy Lynn Seese Thanks Maggie for the wonderful update. I want to come see you guys in October. Will you guys still be open in October?

Brights Zoo We should be. We try to stay open as long as possible, depending on weather but usually October is still nice here. – Maggie

Erin Spicer Brandenburg When are the meet and greets?

Brights Zoo We feed him a bottle at 12:30 where people can see him. As long as he's ok with it, we've brought people closer during this time. – Maggie
Kathy Sutton Awe Maggie… that is wonderful to hear that Alf enjoyed some visitors. And you are right…we all have to remember he's only 9 weeks old. Please give that beautiful baby a hug from a Wisconsin friend. Thank you for the update!

Nancy Pabody Glad to see you and Alf back, Maggie, we missed you!! Glad Alf is getting to see some of his fans!! So sorry you had to put up with the negativity and the " know it all's",hope that's in the past!

Betty Louwsma Thank you for the pictures Maggie. So glad Alf likes his adoring fans. I'm in Michigan so it's not likely I'll get down which makes me appreciate the pictures all the more.

Jan Hamrick Adams Love and hugs to Maggie and Alf. Just returned home to Florida from NY meeting Taj and his mom and dad and of course his human family. What an awesome experience. Hopefully in October I'm coming to meet you and your silly boy Alf. Love your updates. So hoping they can continue. Take care.

One person shared a whole series of photos that shows how much Alf loves you. I really appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for Alf that makes him healthy and happy. And goofy..

Linda Trujillo Thank You Maggie for your update and pics of Alf he is too cute! Wished I could kiss him lol. Don't pay attention to the critics because sometimes people think their the experts and forget your the trained staff who know exactly what's right for Elf and what your doing.

Negative comments are always going to happen because people frankly have nothing better to say and enjoy the drama. I for one am appreciative of your kindness to share videos, updates and pictures of Alf. He is loved and it's obvious you definitely know what your doing. So stay strong and keep your head up high.

Ignore the critics but always remember their are thousands of people who support and love you, Elf and your zoo! Sending love from Trinidad, Colorado.

Susan Mackenzie Well done Maggie and Brights Zoo. Alf is beautiful and growing like a bad weed. Love all your posts and your huge efforts at conservation. I live in cape Breton Canada. No zoo. No giraffes. But I am an animal lover to the extreme. So thanks again for your posts and efforts. Ignore the negative cause your all positive. God speed

Cindy Hitt Dalola Maggie. You guys are great. You can see the love and trust Alf has in you. I think as long as you are good with it, he is. Plus you can definitely see the love and pride you have for him. I hope to get there soon. Thanks for all you do for the animals!

Tanya DiGiacomo Kelley It is so nice that you are able to share this with us. I know I'm making plans to get out there to see your zoo. I'm sure a lot of others that aren't from your area are planning on it now too since you all have been so generous with your time to show some of the awesome animals! Thank you.

Lynn Deeds Maggie and Alf….you two go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. There is no better combination. Well except Keri and Connie when you are not avail but you get it. You all are great and Alf??? Well that little ham baby is the dearest and sweetest. Love to all and huggies too to Alf. Awwww give 

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