Alf the Giraffe , Brights Zoo, Update Today July 23rd

Alf the Giraffe Alert On July of 23rd
Keeper Maggie making my appearance finally today. Sorry for the late post, crazy day but i made it! Today's Alf post should show you all just how well our "little " guy is growing.

alf the giraffe alertAlf the Giraffe 

The 1st picture is from the day he was born, the 2nd was from tonight after dinner. He has come a long way and I can't believe I've had the pleasure of working with him for a month now! Crazy how time flies.

Alf Clip

Guess this is how all you moms out there feel with your little ones. Next thing you know he'll be going off to school, then college, maybe get married, have kids, and phew I'll be a grandma in no time! For now I'll just enjoy the time I have with him and share it all with you! Enjoy!!

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Supporters react:

Stephanie Snyder Maggie you are awesome! This post just made my day!! Alf is so ridiculously cute!!

Brights Zoo I'm glad I can help but Alf does all the hard work being him. Haha – Maggie

Lynn Deeds Awwww he is a sweetheart. Thank you Maggie for sharing with us. Don't let him grow up to fast now. Lol.

Brights Zoo If only I could control that  – Maggie

Terri Britten He looks wonderful Maggie! You and all the keepers are doing a wonderful job with ALF He is strong and confident and he definitely loves you! It is so great to see his progress!! Thanks so much for the updates. They make me feel good!.

Tonya Shaw Canerot This makes my day. It shows how much love and care #teamslf has done. Thanks for all your hard work,love and dedication.

Debby Henson Rutledge Maggie – he's just SO cute. Thank you so much for the updates. Can't get too many pics of this little fella

Connie Bright It's been amazing to witness every day. He has a funny,sweet,loving personality. Tad spoiled. Love him too

Tamara Jaques-Graumann Maggie your awesome! Alf your so darn cute! Thank you Maggie and the staff for everything y'all do.

Jen Delos Santos-Clavido Thanks for taking care of him so well Maggie! You are awesome!

Angela Sparks Alf is a lucky fella, i sure your job is not always glamorous. But it sure must be so rewarding. Thank you for giving Alf the chance to live! Is it true that in the wild he'd be left behind if he had the same issue?

Brights Zoo Yes if he had any issues and could not keep up with the herd he would most likely be left behind, or may not have even been able to eat even if mom stayed with him so unfortunately he might not have made it. – Maggie

Susan Tate Love the updates on precious Alf! Appreciate all the hard work and love you ladies are giving Alf. Your sacrifices are so awesome! Lots of April, Oliver, Tajiri fans are also #TeamAlf!! Hope sweet Alf will soon eat for all of you!!

Tonita Lopes Never get bored with your post we all love Alf keep them coming and thank you to all of you ladies that have took such good care of Alf those smiles says it all alf loves you so much Maggie and i think thats the sweetest thing ever hope you get to sleep in soon

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Anita Konieczka Heck Maggie, it seems you are Alf's favorite stepmom. Reminds me of a child who doesn't want his mom to go and leave him with babysitters, but is getting used to the idea as long as he knows you're coming back home to him.  I'm glad to hear he is opening up to the idea of letting you have a little time off. Thank you and the others for your continued dedication to Alf and the others in your care. The world would not be the same without these gentle, majestic creatures & what y'all are doing is helping to preserve their numbers.

Velvette Magee We NEVER EVER EVER get tired of you and that amazing little guy ALF, he is so precious and perfect, what a face !!! Your obvious love for him, and your tender loving care, has ensured that he is growing and thriving. Hard not to love a wee guy like that !!!!!!!! We love him too 

Connie Tomas Always look forward to Alf updates. Baby steps are good, glad he is going in the right direction. Alf you be good and let Maggie get some rest. Have a great evening.

Tami Bingham Maggie and Miss Connie you both are extraordinary people. Alf is very blessed to have you both take such wonderful care of him. Will never get bored of the updates and picture, keep them coming. Thank you for all you do with these beautiful animals.

Fay Macalester I'm old enough to well remember the tv show "ALF" and was delighted with your recent explanation of your adorable giraffe baby being named "Alf!" Also, really appreciate and enjoy each of your updates, and kudos to you all for the team effort…and, certainly hope this little guy will be allowing Maggie to sleep in sooner than later

Lisa Young Green Alf is the cutest little guy. How lucky he was to be born there with such loving caregivers. I think any one of his followers would love to take a shift !!! So lucky and blessed. I can't wait to come visit your zoo!

Brenda Rising I don;t care what you say …. all the lucky people working with ALF know they are blessed! How awesome it would be to have that CUTE little face looking forward to your face daily!!! Thanks for caring for this precious creature of God's!!

Bobbi Cohan Silberman I followed Taz from the day he was born and even went to see him on my way back to Florida from Chicago. Now I have another baby to follow and go see on my next trip north. Alf is beautiful! Thank you for taking such good care of him and allowing him to thrive…thank god we don't have another Julius.

Denise Griffin-Becker Thank you so much Maggie, Kari, and Connie for taking such great care of our little man ALF. You 3 are angels in disguise, with baby Julius guidance. We all appreciate the updates and especially the love you all have for ALF. We all love you little man, continue your great progress ALF!!!


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