Brights Zoo, Alf the baby Giraffe Update and Video 9/29

Alf the baby Giraffe Update and Video

Happy Friday or as I'm calling it, Feasting Friday! Today's daily dose of Alf is him checking out and feasting on some bamboo browse. Now Alf has eaten bamboo before but only the leaves and small pieces but today I had some fun and cut an Alf size stalk to let him investigate.


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At first he was unsure but after realizing it was snack, it was no problem. Eat up everybody, his cuteness that is. May you all have a great weekend full of Alf. I'll do my best to be sure to help with that -Keeper Maggie

Supporters react:

Marianne Sarno Eagan Thank you! You’ve done such a wonderful job raising him. Please make more videos of him rubbing his head and neck on you “All about him” before he gets too big. Those are classics.

Denise Rosenkranse Awww our boy.. He is just too handsome.. Thank you Maggie for sharing, I truly appreciate it.. sending much love and hugs to you. Give Alf a great big hug and kiss for me. XOXOX have a wonderful weekend.

Kayb Barrow Aww wee Alf, eating big boy food now! Your the cutest thing ever!!! Geez, I'm totally Smitten with you! Oh Maggie, Thank you so much for sharing Alf with ev1!!! And Thank you, Mrs. Connie, Kari, Bright's Zoo and #Teamalf for your tremendous love and devotion!!! My heart is Alway's Your's Alf! I love you!

Kris Bush He is so cute playing with the leaves. Doesn't look like he is quite chewing them yet, but he will get it soon. Our baby Alf is growing up! Thanks for the videos and pictures of him, keep them coming when you can!

Judy Edwards Does anybody have a link to Alf's story? Why did he need to be bottle fed? I heard about Alf after Julius passed away. I grew so attached to Julius. Was so glad I heard about Alf and am thankful for Maggie for all the Alf updates

Laura Zinck Thanks Maggie for sharing. Needed a good smile okay. Our boy is getting so handsome. Have a great weekend.#teamalf

Kaylene Errett Thanks Maggie for all the updates on Alf!!!!!! I have really enjoyed all of them!!!!! Has Alf been around any of the other giraffes yet, and if not, do u know when he will be able to interact with them?

Diana Constable I don't think he's got the chewing down yet but he's giving it a great try. Can't believe how big his teeth are for a baby. Wow! They grow fast.

Jim Webb So fun to watch him discovering and learning new things. Thanks for bringing this to us. We never grow tired of watching Alf videos. The ones that include you and Alf always make us smile. Have a great weekend Maggie!

Betty Louwsma Thanks Maggie. Just love watching him! I can never get too much Alf! I appreciate how you spread his cuteness to all of us too far away to see him in person.

Tonya Shaw Canerot Oh Alf you melt my heart. So glad to see him doing well. Thank you Maggie for all you do. No wonder Alf loves you. Thank you for all you do and sharing Alf with us.

Ingrida Ievans Love watching Alf's progress & growth, not to mention his hearty appetite! Have a great weekend too, Maggie!

Debra J. Speer Maggie: I love that you and your son now have the same color hair! The things a mom will do for her boy! You two are beyond awesome!

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