Morning Update On Alf the Baby Giraffe at Brights Zoo Today

Our days start around 7am when we make his bottle, feed him, and check his barn for any "bathroom breaks " from overnight. We keep records of how much Alf Giraffe eats as well as when he goes potty. This lets us know if he's on the right track and feeling ok.

Alf Giraffe gets let out into his yard (weather permitting) where his fans can see him. Throughout the day we make checks him.(plus I try to get pictures/ videos for you all.) At 12:30pm he gets his lunch bottle and meets all of you up close.

He loves these encounters as much as I'm sure you all do. (If you've been to one you've seen the silly boy in action) After lunch he gets a few more periodic checks until I leave work for the day. Of course I never leave without my hug and kiss goodbye from him

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Alf's mom neatest. Melmac his dad farther on over at the feeding deck.

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Got his attention

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Alf licking the chain

Baby Alf the Giraffe At Brights Zoo


The giraffe to the right is 19 months old.

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