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Jambo jambo to you all! For those of you who dont speak Swahili, I'm saying hello to you. If you've watched the video I'm not the only one saying Jambo to you  When I read the comments (Please forgive me if I miss one or two but I do try to go through all hundreds of them)

I've noticed that the most common response is you all sending Alf love and kisses. Now Alf has sent love back (he always does) and I've managed to get some more video for you all of his love. Thank you all for the love and support, Alf really does appreciate it. Asante Asante! (Again for those non Swahili speakers- Thanks thanks!

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Supporters react:

Linda Kalisz Fettig How much longer will Alf be at Bright's Zoo! I had all my plans set to come see you at Bright's, but Irma put a damper on that.

Brights Zoo We dont have a set date of when he is leaving, we don't even know where he's going yet 

Judy Edwards After the passing of Julius and how heartbroken I was, I was so happy to come across Alf and see how well he was doing. I love the updates on him. Thank you Maggie for the smile.

Jane Bunts Solan I don't think he has to leave because of Maggie's relationship with him. I think it has to do with the issues with the herd and him (soon) being a bull, much the same way Tajiri has to be temporarily relocated until arrangements can be made for him, too. I think it will be better if both Alf and Taj start their own handsome/healthy bloodlines. I am sure someone will figure out where Alf will be and people will visit him.

Judy Coogan Maggie, as a zookeeper, how gratifying is it to have such an amazing relationship with this beautiful giraffe? I followed April and then heard about Alf. These videos along with your story of being a foster-mom are just heartwarming. It truly brings out the best in all! Continued joy on this incredible journey.

I hope you are keeping a diary – it would make a fascinating book for children and adults in the future! Families do come in all shapes, sizes and species. Thank you for sharing your giraffe family! This is just a wonderful story of unconditional love, on both sides.

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Evelin Lindsay Oh, Alf, you silly boy. Loving those kisses. You are so handsome! Maggie, thank you so much for all the updates and videos. They mean so much. And thank you, for taking such good care of our sweet boy!! Much love to you both

Lyn Scott Like others I am in love with this "little" guy. His personality is like no other. He is so out going. I hope his new home will appreciate his specialness. I'm sure they'll love him like we all do. Thanks Maggie for sharing him and Bright's Zoo

Lynne Jane Baker aww alf kisses back to you just love this little fella thanks Maggie for all the updates we all really appreciate it you are a very special young lady and your humour is amazing thank you and all at brights zoo for your amazing work forever in our hearts xxx

Kayb Barrow Awww, Alf, a Close up!!! Love it! Hi to you and Maggie! Thank you Maggie for doing this! Hope you and Alf have a great weekend! Thank you Maggie, Mrs. Connie, Kari, Bright's Zoo and #Teamalf. My Heart is All yours Alf! I love y'all

Betty Louwsma Love those Alf kisses! Oh how I wish I could be there and give him a big hug and get one of his kisses. Thanks for all the pictures and videos Margie. Appreciate them so much! 

Teresa Johnson He is such a sweetie! Love the videos and updates. Thank you for you have done and will continue to do to help Alf grow big, tall and strong. Love you Momma G. Hugs and kisses to you both from Texas

Lisa Carpenter Thanks, Maggie and your camera person for showing Alf and his crazy antics. He is such a lovable ham. It's great how easy going he is around you. Love the videos. Hugs, from Colorado.

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