Alf is growing quite nicely, standing well over 7ft tall and growing

Alf Alert Today: Alf is growing quite nicely standing well over 7ft tall and growing

Hope everyone is ready for a fun weekend! What better way to start it then with a silly video of Alf?! It rained for a bit this afternoon in Tennessee so Alf hung out inside to stay nice and dry. We had some fun and this is the proof.

Alf has some great ears and I love sharing pictures of them with you all, but this shows just how hard it is for me to get that one shot with his ears up. Also as you can see Alf is growing quite nicely, standing well over 7ft tall and growing. Being a Reticulated giraffe, Alf could see heights up to 18ft tall when he's done growing.

Lucky for me that won't be for a few years so I don't have to worry about trying to reach him cause I would definitely need a ladder. Hope everyone has a great weekend and Alf might even see some of you at the zoo!

We are trying to help out Texas Hurricane victims and want to donate to some funds to the Red Cross.

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Supporters react to Alf is growing quite nicely standing well over 7ft tall and growing:

Julie Fulton Has Alf ever been in the rain? If so, how did he react?

Brights Zoo At first he was not a fan. Very nervous. After listening to it for awhile he came out and stood in the rain. Maggie had to make him go back inside

Joy Ferrell Maggie it was so good to meet you today and get to talk to you about Alf and the other giraffe. Thanks for the ears video. He is one special little guy.

Brights Zoo My pleasure and I hope you all had a great day!- Maggie

Maria Crescenzo That personality!! Thank you so much for this keeper Maggie and for all you do! You and Alf are just the greatest have a great weekend

Dena Lucreziano Thank you for sharing this video Maggie your the best!! Alf your ears kill me . I love them I have to smile real wide so I don't laugh . There so cute . I needed this tonight thank you both. Maggie, Alf have a great weekend. Love and kisses from Boston 

Evelin Lindsay Maggie, you won't remember this, but my first comments about Alf was, "I love his ears." He is the biggest ham I have ever seen and I love him so. The two of you just make me smile with every update. Have a wonderful holiday weekend and kisses on the nose for little Big Man

Velvette Magee OMG I cannot stand the total cuteness of Mr. Alf. Maggie, what an adorable video of you both, and yes, he's got some ears alright. Part of his total cuteness package. Thanks Maggie, for sharing your baby with us, have an amazing weekend xoxoxo

Betty Louwsma Love this video Maggie! He acts like he understands exactly what you are saying to him. I think you like playing with him as much as he likes it. Love his ears and all his goofy expressions. So thankful he's growing and thriving thanks to you and your team

Cheryl Schulz Watts That precious little Alf, he is so comical. Like he whips his ears back and forth trying to be silly. Can't help but chuckle at you. He really plays up to you so nicely Maggie. I think you are going to have a super strong bond for sometime.

Hopefully when he gets older and the male testosterone sets in, that he will remember how much he loves you. He's such a silly little fella.

Hollie Baker That's great. I absolutely love it how you tell him to show you his ears and he does it.
He has the best personality I have ever seen in a giraffe and this video just cheered me up after facing the gas issue here in Plano, TX so this video really helped tremendously put a smile back on my face.

Micki Smith Thanks, Maggie and Alf, for the video! Everyone that sees Alf comments on how cool his ears are. He'll grow into them some day! Appreciate you, Maggie, for all you do!

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