Baby ALF Giraffe Update: Keeper Maggie reporting for Alf duty

Baby ALF Giraffe Update 8/13/2017

Keeper Maggie reporting for Alf duty! Hope this update finds you all well. Alf has been very helpful this weekend for me, letting Miss Connie take over evening bottles which I'm very grateful for.

No more late night driving for me. Don't worry I made sure to give him extra hugs and kisses before I left work each day to get him through the night and even for you since you keep sending them.

alf giraffe

Alf the giraffe

I try to answer as many questions as I can that you all have asked but may have missed a few, and for that I apologize but since I know you all want to know, his favorite color is Red, loves picking his nose (typical boy), and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.  

ALF Clip

Ok maybe that last one is a tall tale. (haha get it, cause hes a giraffe? Sorry silly puns, I'll stop. I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record, but I can not tell you all how much all the support we have gotten means to me and everyone here at Brights Zoo, especially Alf.

Thank you all that have either bought #teamalfcups or shirts, and for everyone else for the continued support! Alf and I love you all. 


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Supporters react:

Lynn Lovell Thank you Maggie! Brilliant that you're able to have some evening time for you! Based on Alf's progress and your continued success with Alf, do the team have any idea when Alf might be reintroduced to the herd or his mother? Because Alf will require milk feeds, and because mom's milk has probably dried up, will he stay separated from the other giraffes for longer?

Brights Zoo Since he won't be staying at the zoo in the future, at this time we don't plan on introducing him to the herd but he will be on display hopefully soon. – Maggie

Shari Wood I have always wanted to know since he is growing up with so much human interaction is it best if he goes to a zoo like where April is that allows interaction with guest or one were you can visit but no interaction or does it matter

Brights Zoo He can go to either type and Im sure he will get spoiled with attention

Carol Price Bowen Maggie, no apologies necessary. You go above and beyond the call of duty where Alf is concerned. Thank you for that! How does he do with his mother? Where is your Zoo from Chattanooga, TN? Thanks Maggie for all you do!

Brights Zoo He is in a quarantined area away from the other giraffes currently so he does not get to interact with his mom. 
We are about 3 hours east of Chattanooga, near the Bristol border. – Maggie

Lynn Deeds He is such a doll. So darn cute. And comical….oh goodness. Thank you Maggie for such wonderful care and love you give him. Does the gift shop still have cups left? What stinks is I cant call during daytime but I definately want a cup. Wish we could by online. But anyway…..I want a cup and the stuffed giraffe. Amy idea how tall the giraffe is? Have a great night. And thanks again Maggie. Night Alf. Love ya Alf.

Brights Zoo I believe we do still have cups. If you leave a message with the giftshop they would be happy to get back to you as soon as they. Melinda is pretty awesome at that. 

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