Alf Giraffe Update: He is doing great, eating more, growing more, and running silly

Alf Alert!!

Keeper Maggie logging on and checking in, hoping everyone is doing well. Alf is doing great, eating more, growing more, and running silly. Speaking of which I finally managed to get a slightly decent video of him running silly. (Well he's always silly so that's not hard to record). Here he is feeling good after his lunch bottle.

When Alf grows up he'll be able to run at speeds up to 35 mph! Lucky for me he can't reach those speeds now, otherwise I'd never be able to win at tag. (Currently I'm the giraffe barn champion  Hopefully you enjoy the video, I do apologize for the close ups because "someone " had to run up to me every time he passed by. ENJOY!
P.S. THANK YOU to everyone who has sent cards, gifts, and kind words to the Zoo. These mean so much to me and I greatly appreciate them all. I can't say Thank You enough.


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Supporters react:

Marie Lorge I have fallen in love with this silly giraffe, Alf! He is adorable and I love all the videos! I admit it all started with April and awaiting the arrival Taj. 
Alf is just full of personality and has grabbed my attention too!

Francine Bakic Lee Can't thank you enough for these updates! Enjoy them so. You have surely proven your love for animals. TY again Maggie. We have Taj here in Binghamton but so enjoy seeing the other giraffe babies and their growth.

Sheila Browning Starett Its because he loves you Maggie its like watch me run and be silly momma he is so funny wish me and my hubby could come to tenn and see alf before he has to leave maybe one day just think if he had wings lol that would be silly to watch

Dee Heckler He is absolutely the cutest. Silly running surely makes a dreary day so much brighter. Thank you, Maggie, for all the time you take to please all of ALF's followers.

Hollie Baker He's says I feel good… Now my tummy is full and I got tons of energy to burn off now, Catch Me If You Can!!!! 
Thanks Maggie this is a good video of the boy. He sure is growing fast.

Patricia Jungers I'm not sure why or what but the Giraffe is such an iconic animal for me. I love the new born, the growing up, and the majestic adult. I am in awe of them.

Kerry Curtis Love Alf, thank you Maggie for sharing. I am preparing for Hurricane Irma here in florida. Been stressed but I'm at ease to see Alf happy.

Brenda Williams Marsh So glad to see him so happy and healthy. Maggie you and your team are so special and we can see the love between you and Alf. Thanks for all you've done and letting us be a part.

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