ALF the giraffe Update on August 2nd

Alf Alert!! 8/2/2017

Evening Alf fans! Keeper Maggie checking in. Alf is fine and dandy today,  happily eating his bottles and being a good boy. Some of you have asked how much Alf eats, well at each feeding we make 5 pints of milk and hope he eats it all.  Most days he finishes every drop but there are times he doesn't finish it all, but good news is he's not left anything more then 1/2 a pint. He continues to improve and grow each day. Lots of you have asked for another video of Alf eating so I'm happy to share this one. Here is Alf enjoying his lunch with Keeper Kari. Just a note,  the line of drool you see when he finishes the bottle usually ends up on one of us so be glad you aren't us haha.

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