Update on Alf at Bright Zoo: Alf the Giraffe New Facility Gofundme

Alf the Giraffe New Facility Gofundme

 We thank all of you for your support. We are doing this in order to build ALF an all new facility here at Brights Zoo so that he can remain at the zoo forever. We will also bring a female in to go with him.

Today photos of ALF with David Bright at the Zoo

Alf the Giraffe New Facility Gofundme

April the Giraffe Store

David Bright and Alf the Giraffe

Alf the giraffe

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My main reason for driving all the way to Brights Zoo today was to show support and appreciation for the care and love they are giving "a goofy giraffe" we love, called ALF!

I gave David Bright and ALF a monetary donation to help with the expense of building a second giraffe barn needed to keep Alf at Brights Zoo and get him a little girlfriend! So exciting!!! I get to help Alf get a girlfriend! Yeah!!

To those that sent us messages of love, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What truly bothers me as the director of the zoo is that so many of the people that have sent these messages have never spent a dime at our zoo. Have never visited. Building a new giraffe barn and new giraffe yard, plus purchasing a female is going to be a huge financial drain on ourzoo. Our zoo receives zero outside money. We are closed in the winter months which means zero income from December 1st to March 15. The cost to build this and bring in 1 female is going to be at least $150,000. If we raise that $150,000 by the end of the year we will make a promise that ALF will never leave Brights Zoo.

The link to Brights Zoo gofundme below if you want to help Alf get a girlfriend, too:

Get it to help Alf get a girlfriend : Here

You can donate: GoFUNDME

Supporters react Alf the Giraffe New Facility Gofundme

Kimberly Morris: May our awesome God in heaven touch hearts and make your project happen and take care of alf.

Catherine Hoffman: Thank you so much for what you are doing. We love Alf and enjoy the updates on his progress.

Sherry Maxwell So sorry for your loss. I am a woman who took care of her elderly Mom until she passed away. I have health problems of my own and am mainly homebound now. My constant companion is my ipad and where I can go with it. I so enjoyed visiting Maggie and Alf at Brights zoo, they became close to my heart as did Julius and Tajiri and Allysia. When there's not a whole lot to look forward to anymore, I always found a thrill when I could see an Alf alert. I hope something can be worked out so we can continue to see our wonderful friends that we so looked forward to hearing from and seeing.

Jeanette Bright To all the people with positive comments….lets truly show our appreciation to the Bright Zoo for the care and wonderful treatment they continue to give their animals by planning a visit in person. My husband and I will be there in 2 weeks. We can show our support, learn something new and have a good time doing it. LETS DO THIS! (PS I am NOT related…going to visit because of Alf)

Beth Hines I was very sad and heartbroken until I read some of the 'hateful' comments and realized they were genuinely concerned for Alf's well-being. This sparked my curiousity about tge facility he was being moved to. How many of you have looked it up? What I read is very controversial. So before we all judge, look into it. I am very sad, but also confused. I have not heard any justification from the Bright's Zoo regarding the facility Alf was being sold to.

Dena Lucreziano Thank you so much for what you, and your staff do everyday. My heart goes out to all of you who are hurting. I just want you to remember there are more good people then bad people in this world. You will know what the right decision should be for the good to enjoy. Hugs and kisses from Boston 

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